WARMER MIXTAPES #822 | by David Alvarado [prplhed]

1. Motion City Soundtrack | A-OK
This is my favorite song by my favorite band. Everyone has that one band and/or song that got them through some rough times and this is the one for me. One day I'll die and even then everything will still be A-OK.

2. Lapalux | Gutter Glitter 
This is the first song I heard of Lapalux. I was browsing Twitter and Steven Ellison AKA Flying Lotus tweeted that he just signed somebody to his label and shared the SoundCloud link to this song. I listened to it over and over again in complete disbelief. I'd never heard Music like that before and was in awe. Still am.

3. Receptor | Crematorium
I have a fantasy about this song like I made it. I fantasize playing it Live and having people go crazy over it. Primal Anger just drips out of it.

4. Empire Of The Sun | We Are The People
I'm reminded of High School when I listen to any song on this album, but this one stands out the most to me. I remember being aware that I was becoming comfortable being myself while riding the bus.

5. Aphex Twin | Xtal 
When I first discovered Aphex Twin I felt like a kid in a candy store. He had so much Music that I liked that it felt Endless. I played this song before I got into bed every night. The Emotion I feel around 3:03 when it goes back to the Original Melody is an indescribable mix of Happiness, Fear, Loneliness, and Love. Aphex Twin inspired me to start making my own Music.

6. Arsonists Get All The Girls | Mantipede
Really Angry Song, Short and Sweet. This type of Music was a Teenage phase, but I still listen and go to concerts like this pretty often. Their new album is great. Not really a phase then, just a meaningful time in my life that I still cherish.

7. HORSE The Band | A Rusty Glove
I Love this band, Love this song. Their Musicality is just Ridiculous and it's accompanied by them all just being worthwhile humans that are very honest and open about their lives. I will always Love HORSE The Band.

8. DANGER | 4h30 
If Aphex Twin inspired me to start making my own Music, then DANGER set it into overdrive. The Simplicity and Seriousness of his songs made the idea of making my own Music so Accessible and Fun.

9. Fleetwood Mac | Dreams
I don't really have a story for this song, I heard it on the Radio and really liked it so I listen to it pretty often. I sing along in the car a lot to it.

10. Knxwledge | howsewevr[tllmewtyewnt][TWRK] 
I'm a sucker for R&B and Weird Beats. This song is the Perfect Combination of the two.