WARMER MIXTAPES #823 | by Brett Allen Hoffman [HØF/Eternal Division /Skin Diamond/Acid Cat]

1. M83 | Run Into Flowers
When I first heard this song I was probably about 13 or 14 years old, my mind was completely blown because I had never heard anything like it. It changed How I Make and Listen to Music Forever.

2. Kanye West | Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)
This track by Kanye West makes me feel such a Familiar feeling. It reminds me so much of driving into the city of Chicago in my late teens at night with all the bright lights coming up on the Horizon.

3. Ozark Mountain Daredevils | Jackie Blue
If a Song could Represent a Season so Perfectly it would be Jackie Blue. The feelings I get when listening to this song oozes the sense of it being Fall with Winter right around the corner.

4. The Radio Dept. | It's Personal
The Radio Dept. is one of my favorite bands of All Time... Their songs are Perfect and the Melodies are Addicting and I can’t ever get enough.

5. Atlas Sound | Kid Klimax
It was Christmas Eve Night and I was with two of my close friends in a friend's hot tub listening to a playlist I made. My friends and I were all in a very unique state of mind at the time and this song came on and made me feel a way I never thought I could feel. I still can’t listen to this song without getting shivers down my spine.

6. Peaches | Fuck The Pain Away
When I hear this song it puts me back in my car when I was 19, smoking weed with a few friends, jumping from party to party - not giving a fuck about anything, but how many cigs I had left.

7. Factory Floor | 16-2-16-9-20-1-14-9-7 
This track by Factory Floor is the only piece of Music I’ve come across in my lifetime that describes the activity that goes on in my brain... Repetitive and Monotonous (and Excellent).

8. MSTRKRFT | Easy Love
A close friend went to Montréal right after we graduated High School and came back with all this knowledge of Dance Music. We had no idea how to even say MSTRKRFT, but this song was the first Dance track I fell in Love with in my long journey of Dance Music.

9. Daniel Bedingfield | Gotta Get Thru This
Gotta Get Thru This is the first song I can really remember playing on repeat, and I was in 8th grade when I first heard. I Love the Beat and his Voice.

10. Chic | Savior Faire
This track is the closer to all my long nights. It feels so Sexual and Calm, plus it’s Instrumental. The Arrangement is Brilliant.