WARMER MIXTAPES #826 | by Nick Andrew

1. Joe Satriani | Up In The Sky
This is the first song I heard by Satriani. When I was 8 years old my dad popped his album Crystal Planet in while we were driving down to San Diego and I just remember being completely blown away. I have felt such a Connection to Music all of my Life, hearing Beats and Melodies in my head all the time, and when I heard Satriani for the first time it was like he was playing those melodies directly from my brain. I was so excited and I continue to be inspired by his Music to this day.

2. DJ Shadow | Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
If I had to pick one song to listen to for the rest of my life this is it. I was about 14, riding in the car, and my friend’s mother was listening to Endtroducing...... That song came on and it felt like my heart stopped. What is this Music?... Later, when Shadow released The Outsider it really inspired me to find my own way as an Artist and Producer and just do MY thing. Also that album really cemented in my mind the fact that DJ Shadow makes some TOP Notch Music.

3. The Flashbulb | Leaving Georgia
This is the track that introduced me to The Flashbulb. Soundtrack To A Vacant Life remains one of my Favorite Albums of All Time. He is such a Skilled Musician and Producer and Leaving Georgia was just so full of Emotion. I highly recommend everyone take a listen to that song and that album.

4. Mimicking Birds | Home And Somewhere Else
I was working in a Music Store at the time, and one of my good friends played this song for me near closing time. I just remember how Haunting the Melodies were and how stoked I was on this album in general. Such an Unique and Beautiful Sound.

5. 311 | Beautiful Disaster
As a young kid I remember being so into this song. I really wanted to buy this CD, but my parents wouldn’t let me because of the Parental Advisory sticker on it. So one day I found a copy at a Record Store where the Parental Advisory sticker had fallen off. I than convinced my Dad it was the Clean Version and he bought it for me. Haha!

6. Rage Against The Machine | Bombtrack
This is the first song I heard by Rage Against The Machine. I immediately fell in Love with their Sound and stole my Dad’s CDs so I could listen to them more. Haha! Growing up I would listen to RATM a ton, and they remain one of my Favorite Bands of All Time.

7. Tool | The Grudge
I had a big Tool phase a few years ago during my Freshman Year of College. Their Sound just really grabbed me. The Melodies and Rhythms just spoke to me and really helped get me through a lot of stuff during that time. So, thanks Tool.

8. Deep Purple | Highway Star
I have this very vivid memory from when I was very young. My Dad had this song blasting and he was playing along to it on the Drums. To this day I Love to just crank it up and head bang in the car. What a jam!

9. EPROM | Hurricane (Demo)
My little brother and I heard this song on Soundcloud sitting in my room. We laughed out loud at how just plain gnarly the track was. It is Heavy, but Timeless. Very Skillfully Put Together. I Love this track and listen to it frequently.

10. DJ Shadow | Sad And Lonely
What a Gorgeous track. First time I heard it was during a concert. Hearing it Live remains one of the more moving things I have ever experienced. It was just Perfection. Favorite Artist in a Small Venue, playing his New Music at Full Blast. My brother, sister, friends, and wife were all in the front row. What a Perfect Night.