WARMER MIXTAPES #827 | by Daiana Rafa

1. Sandra | In The Heat Of The Night
I Love 80s Music. 90s to me is Quality Music that Never Dies, so I Love it too, because that reminds me of being a teenager, when we were falling in Love very easily.

2. Mariah Carey | Without You (Badfinger Cover)
Mariah Carey is my First Favorite Singer. For that song my mother searched the CD all over the town, a hard-to-find thing to make me a Birthday present.

3. Whitney Houston | I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton Cover) (The Bodyguard Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
To me it's a very Deep song. Hardly restrain myself not to cry when I listen.

4. La Bouche | Sweet Dreams
Another Beautiful Song that reminds me fondly of Childhood.

5. Fugees | Killing Me Softly With His Song (Roberta Flack Cover)
Oh... I just Love this Beautiful song!!! Or Ready Or Not!... I adore this Music because I grew up listening to it.

6. Bobby McFerrin | Don't Worry, Be Happy
I like it because it is a Positive and Cheerful song. I like Reggae Music, R&B Music... Music in General. I listen to Old Music and Quality right now, in 2013. This is Music that relaxes me!

7. Alicia Keys | Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart
I like her because she has a very Deep Voice, she's an Incredible Artist. I Love all her songs, but I have to choose just one, right?

8. Beyoncé | If I Were A Boy
One of my Favorite Singers. She's a Complete Artist, a Great Voice and Very Strong. Although it is hard to choose a song from her, because I like them all, I choose If I Were A Boy because it's a song that says a lot, there is no need of other words.

9. JAY Z | Holy Grail (feat. Justin Timberlake)
I Love the Combination of the Two Voices. So Powerful, but also so Different, and, of course, I like Rap Music.

10. B.U.G. Mafia | Când Trandafirii Mor (feat. Lucian Colareza)
I have many favorite artists from Romania, so I necessarily want to mention Romanian Singers and choose a Hip-Hop band that I listened a lot since Adolescence, I knew almost all their songs' lyrics. It's about B.U.G. Mafia and I choose a wiser song - Când Trandafirii Mor.

I love all the Artists and those who have succeeded and those who have not yet managed.