WARMER MIXTAPES #828 | by Ricardo Tobar

1. Fennesz | Before I Leave
I think one of the songs that changed me completly was this one from Fennesz. I remember ages ago, I was chatting with a friend and he sent me the song over thru MSN. I pressed Play and I thought my Computer was having some problems, no joke... I literally thought that, so I said to my friend I think my computer is having some troubles, can't listen to the song properly... Then I realized it was like that, I was completely blown away.

2. Run DMT | Dreaming
This song was on repeat for a long time on my Winamp Player. It's a really Simple tune, but it has some nice effect on me. Of course, it sounds completely like Panda Bear, but anyway... It's like having a Girl Around You, it gives that effect.

3. The Zombies | Leave Me Be
I am quite a Sentimental guy, not that Romantic though, I have to deal with that and the jokes of my friends all the time. And I think I Love Sentimental Music, not Emo stuff... But songs that you know are based on Real Feelings. I think this Zombies tune fit right there and I'm always listening to it.

4. Joy Division | She's Lost Control
Maybe it's a bit corny to put this song of Joy Division, but it could be any of them, really. I have them always on repeat on my Music Player. The songs are so Inspiring, so full of Life, even though they are so Dark. I also Love how the Bass with the Guitar talk to each other, it's really Simple, but so Powerful.

5. Real Estate | Green Aisles
Real Estate is always there to save the day, they have the World's Nicest Melodies. I didn't knew so much about them... Just that they were kind of Lo-Fi... But it was such a surprise to hear the Full Album.

6. Bookworms | African Rhythms
Lately I have been into a lot of African Music, I've always loved it... And this track from Bookworms represent Techno and Africa in the best way possible. The song is really Old and the guy have this really Lo-Fi Intention on his songs, kind of like Actress, but I supposed Bookworms was more of an outsider, so he probably didn't make it and didn't release that much... Such Nice Music. I wish he had more songs!

7. Violeta Parra | Maldigo Del Alto Cielo
I think Violetta Parra has become part of my own process of always being apart from Chile. She is an icon there, she did every kind of Art she could find and did it amazingly. This song is one of my personal favorites, because the Lyrics are Pure Poetry and it's so Powerful and Raw. You don't need to know Spanish to feel it.

8. Zé Da Lua | Ulungu Wami
I've always found Bizarre how African Music can be so Full of Happiness and Joy when all the World screw them over and over again. This song can put a smile on you all the time and it's part of a compilation with Music from Angola only, apparently. I have this on my headphones always.

9. Slowdive | Crazy For You
On the whole Shoegaze stuff, you have to give points to Slowdive. And even though their Souvlaki album is just Perfect, Pygmalion, their last one, is just Ethereal and Contemplative. I've been into it a lot lately. Crazy For You, the Opener is great to forget and enjoy everything you get day by day.

10. João Gilberto | Samba De Uma Nota Só
I think Brazilian Music reminds me basically of my Family. I would not explain that on a few lines, but this Music and Culture have always been There. It gives me a Good Feeling of Childhood and Nice Times... Looking at the Beach with the Sun going down.