WARMER MIXTAPES #833 | by Emmanuel Mario [Astrobal] of Paul Stuart And The Sweet Powerpack, Institut and ROMY

1. Laurie Anderson | O Superman (For Massenet)
My father happened to hear the song on the French Radio France Inter when it came out in 1982. He immediately bought the album and he's played it at home over and over for a year. I was 10 ... O Superman (For Massenet) is definitively part of what set me up, such as VHS or SF Novels or the First Girl I've Kissed... The Concept is so Highly Inspired and the result so Human, Delicate, Sensitive. Laurie created the song all by herself, in her Home Studio, exploring the New Technologies. And it became a hit.

2. Dntel | (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan
The first time I heard it I said to myself : Wow... Someone made this... I've been playing the album Life Is Full Of Possibilities over and over since then. It inspires me at this very moment, gives me the Strenght to Create my Own Music. The mix between Electronic Experimentations and Pop Pusic is just Brillant. Try and just play it once and you would immediately admit that, yes, a Different Modern Pop Music was Possible... Jimmy Tamborello was a big influence for me.

3. Lee Hazlewood | My Autumn's Done Come
I first heard an Alpha's track who used a sample of this track, it's called Sometime Later (released in 1997), but I didn't know it was a Lee Hazlewood sample... Then I found the Original Album and all the Fantastic and Outlandish World of Lee. A Genuine Genius! The beginning of this track is the Softest Part of Music I Have Ever Heard, the String Arrangments are so gorgeously combined with the Vibraphone, the all Sound is so Pure, so Real... Just Perfect... And when Lee's Voice literally appears, it seems to come from Nowhere, so Up in the mix.

4. Nick Drake | From The Morning
Nick Drake's Last Album, recorded on a Four Tracks in his bedroom in Paris, during only 2 nights, in 1971, not a long time before he died. Nobody any longer believed in him at this time. The two precedent LPs were Masterpieces, but had no success. Only Guitar and Voice on this album, so we can listen to the Essence of Nick's Talent. Perfect Melancholic Pop Songs I can play all day long.

5. Vangelis | Main Titles (Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
First came the Movie... I had read all Philip K. Dick's Novels and Short Stories at the time and he had such a huge influence in my life. I didn't know Vangelis, but the Music he created for Blade Runner is a Masterpiece of what I would call Analogic Melancholia. This Score is half of the Film, a Real New World made of Analogic Soundscapes and Melodies, it is Pure Magic. This movie is the Very Source of my Deep Land Eternal Love for Melancholia...

6. Tame Impala | Alter Ego
Pump up the Volume, have a Joint and Play it Loud! Kevin Parker is the New Wall of Sound Creator of Our Times. This album sounds so Old, but it is so New, so Different and Unique, it leaves such a Physical footprint, but is so Highly Inspired, and the Fantastic Dynamic is Effective on every Audio System. The Drums Production is Amazing. Already a Standard.

7. Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet/Pat Metheny | Electric Counterpoint: III. Fast
I've always Loved Repetitive Minimal Music, more especially the one that comes from the American Flux of the 60s such as Glass, Reich, La Monte Young, Riley... (And also the Krautrock German branch, which is so important to me)... Waiting for the Chord to Change is an Experience I Always Adore... The Composition is made of a Cluster of Rhythmical Melodies, and the Bass Chord Changes are just Amazing. It inspired the big The Orb hit: Little Fluffy Clouds. So Hypnotic.

8. Neil Young | On The Beach
I know every Change and Modulation, every single Note in this song. Neil Young is one of my very Heroes, thanks to my Dad... Pure Simplicity, Amazing Feeling and an Unique Melodic Creator. Beyond Words.

9. Yes | And You And I
The Best Period for Prog and experiences in Pop Music. Chris Wakeman's sounds are Spectacular, Epic and Grandiloquent, Chris Squire's Rickenbacker's Bass, very Up in the Mix, is Perfectly Wild and Raw. Jon Anderson 's Voice is so Pure, so Histrionical... The Production is Perfect. Totally Grandiloquent. (So far from the band's Future Mainstream Productions).

10. Daft Punk | Digital Love
Hmmm... Sure... THE Daft Punk! A Phenomenon in Pop Pusic. I've been listening to them since their very beginning, and Album after Album, they never failed to amaze me. (Except for the very last one, which is a Real Pleasure to Listen, but is not marked by the Creation of Real New, Different Style). Digital Love was the song I was waiting for. Romantic and Futuristic at the same time, Perfectly Naive and Deeply Melancolic. Human and Machines Together... In Love.