WARMER MIXTAPES #836 | by Sean Brown

1. Kanye West | Through The Wire
I first heard this song when I saw the video that aired on BET. I was intrigued by the Sample he used and his flow. Made me want to start Producing and Rapping as well.

2. Lupe Fiasco | Kick, Push
This was Something New, Something Fresh, nothing any other Rapper was doing at the time. A Rapper with a Song about Skateboarding definitely wasn't Cool, but Lupe made it Cool. It showed me he wasn't afraid to be himself, and that's what clicked with me.

3. Ice Cube | It Was A Good Day
Can't go wrong with Ice Cube, this song Paints the Perfect Day with Everything Going His Way. It makes me feel like I Can Be Optimistic about Life in General.

4. Jay-Z | Song Cry
This song makes me Reflect on Past Relationships. Good and Bad.

5. Kid Cudi | Pursuit Of Happiness (feat. MGMT & Ratatat)
When you hear this in the Club, Loud As Fuck, Drunk... You're in a zone that can't be touched, LOL. Another Feel Good Song. Just want to Celebrate Life and have No Worries every time I hear it.

6. 2Pac | Dear Mama
Makes me want to call my mom and tell her I Love her everyday. I don't think there is a single person who dislikes this song. Pac is one of the Greatest, always knew how to make an Impact through his Rhymes.

7. OutKast | Hey Ya!
Something That Shows Courage. Not Being Afraid To Be Different. That's what I Love about this song, André as an Artist in fact.

8. Eminem | My Name Is
Who is this White Dude? and I want to hear more. Those were the thoughts running through my head as a little boy hearing this for the First Time. I was with my older brother and we couldn't wait to see the Video every time it aired.

9. Clipse | Grindin'
A HUGE Impact 3 or 4 Instruments can make. That Beat was so Minimal yet so Big. Plus the Clipse could Rap their ass off.

10. Nas | One Mic
This song put me in the Zone and made me feel like I could do whatever I wanted to do in Life.