WARMER MIXTAPES #837 | by Geoffrey O'Connor [Sly Hats] of Montero and Crayon Fields

1. Dory Previn | Lady With The Braid
This is always the first song I think of when I am asked to make a playlist. The way she presents herself in this song is Incredible, it reminds me of the movie Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. I Love how the Orchestra chimes in as she changes Tact from Polite Seducer to Melodramatic Obsessive and back again. It’s as if she’s put on some Classical Music to help things along, only to find it turns her into a Sentimental Mess.

2. Amanda Lear | Diamonds
Perfect Dance Music. Her Wikipedia entry includes four disputed birthdates spanning 3 decades, and this only hints at how Incredible her Life Story is. I would Love to see her on the Speaking Tour Circuit.

3. Linda McCartney & Wings  | Oriental Nightfish
Rick from The Twerps introduced me to this song a while ago when he was DJing. I thought it was Kim Gordon when I first heard it, and I still imagine her singing it when I listen to it now. It makes me want to date someone who works at an All-Night diner.

4. Maroon 5 | She Will Be Loved
I Love hearing this song in Taxis. He waits outside in the pouring Rain and the girl with the broken smile hides alone in her car - it’s the Perfect Yuppie Melodrama.

5. El Perro Del Mar | Walk On By
One of my Favourite Songs of Last Year. If morose teenagers are saving up to have lines from this song (such as Solitude’s My Best Friend and Better Not Wonder, Better Not Cry) tattooed on their forearm I won’t stop them. I’ve liked her Music for a while and it gets better with every release.

6. Destroyer | Song For America
Kaputt is the first Destroyer album that has really sucked me in. Sassy Lounge Music for Discontented Adults. I don’t really know what they are singing about in the Last Section, but by the time they’ve repeated it three times I’m ready to do whatever they like.

7. Jane Badler With Sir | I Want A Lot Of Boys To Cry At My Funeral
If I didn’t think about it too much I’d say Jessie Shepard from Sir is my Favourite Australian Songwriter of All Time. I remember seeing him sing a version of this song himself as I Want A Lot Of Beautiful Women To Cry At My Funeral or somesuch a while ago. I guess having Jane Badler (a Science Fiction Star of the 80s who politely rejects 100s of Marriage Proposals from Obsessive Fans at Science Fiction Conventions) sing it made more Sense.

8. Donna Summer | Love To Love You Baby
From what I’ve read, the Tempo of this song is the Love Tempo i.e. the Tempo that Inspires Amorous Contemplation. She sounds so Far Away in the Chorus, and then so Intimately Close in the Whispered Verses that it drives People to Despair. Apparently she was channeling Marilyn Monroe during the Vocal takes.

9. Kylie Minogue | Confide In Me
I remember seeing the Video for this as a child and it made me very Unsettled. Every time she sang the beautiful Chorus I felt like she was trying to draw me into Feeling a Shameful kind of Love I’d Regret for the Rest of My Life. I think it’s Every Pop Singer’s Dream to be in a Video like this, where they bombard you with numerous Alternate Versions of Themselves – each one Enticing in a Completely Different Way.

10. Jamie Principle | Waiting On My Angel
If I was to DJ at a Club that was 1013 levels below Ground I’d drop this for sure. The idea of Someone Waiting On Their Angel all the way down there is really Sweet.