WARMER MIXTAPES #838 | by Ciaran McDonald [Bear//Face]

1. American Football | The Summer Ends
One of the Archetypal Midwest Emo bands, pretty much changed the way I Heard and Wrote Melodies Guitar-wise. Genuinely Beautiful Song.

2. Lianne La Havas | Forget (Shlohmo Remix)
Easily my favourite Shlohmo Remix, he completely flipped the Original into his own song. That's what I admire the most about it, I'm really not into Remixes that follow the Original Pattern of the song to the tea. A Remix should be Your Interpretation of that Song. Oh, and Lianne La Havas's Voice is Fantastic.

3. Tubelord | He Awoke On A Bench In Abergavenny
Really miss this band, luckily caught them Live before they parted ways. This song if from one of my Favourite Albums Ever. They have a really Unique Approach to Song Writing that I appreciate greatly and they have a Fantastic Ear for Melody as well.

4. Pianos Become The Teeth | Jess And Charlie
Probably one of the Most Powerful Songs I've Ever Heard. The Intensity of it is almost Overwhelming at times, especially the Singer's Voice. I'm yet to hear a song that evokes this same of Feeling.

5. D'Angelo | Lady
Hands down the Smoothest Song Ever Written. Smoother Than Chocolate. Smoother Than Smooth. D'Angelo is Always a Winner.

6. Lauryn Hill | Doo Wop (That Thing)
Reminds me so much of that 90's Neo-Soul Sound. The Horns throughout are Killer, and of course Lauryn's got BARS.

7. Gold Panda | Marriage
This song and this album are basically what pushed me into Making Electronic Music. Super Unique Approach to Sampling, Futuristic whilst still being Dusty and Crackly.

8. Björk | Jóga
Björk has one of the Most Enchantingly Insane and Impressive Voices I've Ever Heard. This song is basically holding it out in front of your face on a Huge Orchestral Platter. Unbelievably Good.

9. Drake | Fear
Say what you will about Drake, but this is one of my Favourite Beats Ever. It's also Classic Introspective Drake with some Classic Drake Bars and a Classic Drake Hook to send it home.

10. Owen | Poor Souls
My favourite Owen track. Mike Kinsella is a Boss. Awesome Songwriter, this song is Charming and Funny whilst still being Slightly Melancholy.