WARMER MIXTAPES #846 | by Clarence James [Notez]

1. 50 Cent | Many Men (Wish Death)
This song came out at a point in my Life where I was really gettin' to Understand and Love Hip Hop. I was in the 4th Grade and everytime I hear that song it reminds me of what helped me want Start my Music Career.

2. OutKast | Rosa Parks
This was a favorite by me and my pops back when Life was Simple and Easy and all I had to do was go to School and as a Young Kid I looked up to my pops. Shit, I still do, but my Mom is a Hard Working Woman Who Never Took No Shorts... Kinda like Rosa Parks.

3. August Burns Red | Marianas Trench 
This is my F the World song. When I Wanna Break Shit this is what I listen to.

4. Method Man | Tical
For those who don't know, Method Man is one of my Favorite MC's of All Time. While everyone wanted to be Michael Jordan, I wanted to be Method Man. I'm Rapping now, so it's close enough, but this is one of the Dopest Songs, if you haven't heard it.

5. Max B | Deez My Streets
Who don't got Love for Max B... This song along got me through Summer School in my Junior Year of High School. It May Not Sound Like Much, but for all who know me know I'm not a Morning person... Especially in the Summer Time, while everyone else was asleep on Summer Break. But this song got me in the Zone every Morning.

6. Red Man | Jersey Yo!
I'm from Jersey, what do you expect?

7. Red Rat | Shelly Ann
My family's from a Carribbean Island called Antigua, so Growing Up with Reggae Music was Everyday, but my Older Brother used to play the Life Out of this Song. Me, as a kid never thought much of it, but now all I think about is those Sundays in the Crib with my Older Brother. House Cleaning, Bumping this song... Good Times.

8. The Diplomats | Dipset Anthem (feat. Cam'Ron & Juelz Santana)
This song is just a Pure Classic. There will never be another Group of Artists like Dipset. Even tho' they're Hard, Hard Gangster Bars, they were so Different from Everything at the Same Time. If you ain't Rock a Bandana like Juelz at some point in Your Life... I don't know you...

9. Breaking Benjamin | Into The Nothing
I use to Bake Bagels for a Living. I would have to be up at 4am to be at Work at 4:30am. If you never been outside at 4am, it's like you're the Only Person Left in the World. It's Peaceful, Cool and Scary All At The Same Time and Every Morning I Leave It Was Like Going Out Into Nothing and This Song Best Described What I Was Feeling... So I would often listen to it going to Work...

10. Notez | Staring Out The Window
This was the First Song that I Made that Made Me What I Am Today and Made Me Want To Make Music My Career.