WARMER MIXTAPES #847 | by John-Paul Thwaites [The Happy Cat]

Photos by Aidan Donovan

1. James Brown | The Payback
The Godfather of Soul and Funk. Everything from the Punchy, Dry Drum Grooves and Triumphant Horns to Quite Possibly my Favourite Vocal Performance of All Time make this a Timelessly Enjoyable Body-Mover.

2. Fat Freddy's Drop | The Camel (feat. Alice Russell)
This is just a Metric Tonne of Pure, Laid-Back, Grass-Chewin', Soulful, Slinky Sexy Motherfucker.

3. Big Daddy Kane | Young, Gifted And Black
I'm a sucker for Old School Hip-Hop nodders. Keep the Culture Alive!

4. Immortal Technique | Leaving The Past
On the Hip-Hop tip again. I Love the Flow on this track, it grooves so well. Lyrically, it's pretty Hard-Hitting too and the Acoustic Guitar/Trumpet Combination Sounds Wicked.

5. Pink Floyd | Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
As a native Cambridge lad I couldn't leave out arguably the Greatest Prof-Rock Band of All Time. For me, this is Pedantically-Recorded Forward-Thinking Blues Guitar Work at Its Very Finest; not to mention all the other Crazy Shit in there and the Impeccable Production.

6. Antiserum & ill-Esha | Zephyr
The Lush Synths and Ball-Tingling Harmonies on this track have made it a Classic Play-Out DJ track since it's release. This is a Cheeky, Stabby, Purple-Coated Groove with an Ice-Cold Clean Sub that'll Remove Your Loose Teeth.

7. Bonobo | Emkay
Off his The North Borders album, this is Bonobo in Full Electro-Acoustic Swing. This UK Garage-themed track features a Combination of Heartfelt Vocals, Warm and Simmering Orchestral Sections and a Wonderfully Simple Swung Groove.

8. Timbah | Can't Love Without You
Returning to the Realms of 140bpm with this Schizophrenic Arrangement of Sounds. It initially leads us to believe we're on a Beautiful Bed of Ear-Masturbating Synths, but things quickly take a turn for the mentally-unstabling. Really Quite Crazy.

9. Mosca | Done Me Wrong
I Love Old School UK Garage so much, I kinda grew up with it. So when this tune came along with it's Snub-Nosed, Rattly Bass Line it quickly became a Dancefloor favourite. The Vocal Melody is Sublime and coupled with Tasty, Pure Keys and the Undeniably Tight Drum Groove it pays Perfect Homage to a Big Part of my Brain's Sonic Library.

10. Mount Kimbie | Carbonated
Too much to say about this track. Stunning Textures from such Simple and Pure Sounds. Grooves Along so well too. Really can't find anything I don't like about this track.