WARMER MIXTAPES #870 | by Sean Mackey

1. Louis M^ttrs | War With Heaven (Catching Flies Remix) 
The Ambient vocals mixed with smooth pads and Breakbeat percussion reminds me of a somewhat Urban environment. I walked through Auckland City, with this blasting in my ears. I was alone, but I was content. It's ambitious, and emotive. It makes me desire for something more, but at that moment I was happy with all I had.

2. Bodhi | Imperfection 
This is a song I've discovered recently, and it shot right up to one of my favourites. With an addictive vocal sample and tight bassline, it provides a solid groove and chic atmosphere. This track places me in a Summer afternoon, removing me of all my worries, and providing me with a sense of Contentment and Peace.

3. Clubfeet | Cape Town (Panama Remix) 
Ahh, where do I start. This track is awesome. I love the sidechained Piano and the solid percussion. These two elements contrast greatly - Organic Piano, with a strong House beat. The feeling I get when the upbeat lead comes in is nothing sheer of excitement. I've played this at parties; and that's what comes to mind when I hear this. Friends and good vibes.

4. Sean Mackey | Mountain Republic 
Believe it or not, one of my favourite tracks is one I've produced myself. Maybe it's because everything I desire in a song I squeezed into this one track. I tried to create a real contrast between Organic and Synthesized. Real moving percussion along a simple Piano chord progression and vocals do it for me. I love this. For me, when creating this, I was thinking Youth. Loss and Love. Things I've experienced. I really poured a lot of myself into this song, and I'm glad it turned out well.

5. Shlohmo | Seriously 
Wow. This track is incredible. I only stumbled upon it recently, just 6 months ago; and I'm disappointed I didn't find it sooner. The layers of Guitar and shuffling percussion are unique traits which I've never heard in a song before. The thick Synth which comes in, played along with smooth Guitar and tight percussion completes this track for me. I love it. This song, to me, is ambitious. It makes me want to do something; to go out and travel. Stop worrying about little things and small matters, just focus on yourself what you can do to make everything alright.

6. Crystal Fighters | Everywhere
This song is brilliant; I love it. The vocals are the best; they're cheery and uplifting, but still hold Emotion and Desire. Strong percussion, and warm, soulful pads create an ultimate sense of Contentment. I like listening to this song at the end of the day, when the Sun is setting and the smell of the sea just peaks of the smell of dinner, wafting from nearby houses. I really do love this track.

7. Flume | Left Alone (feat. Chet Faker)
I discovered Flume late last year with the release of his Holdin' On album, with this track standing out from the rest. A lot of his tracks consist of shuffling, high pitched vocals, whereas this one holds the beautiful voice of Chet Faker. Warm pads and gritty percussion and offbeat synths make it a great Chillout song at the end of a good night. This is the song which suits best when night has fallen and when conversations carry into the night. Good times.

8. Thomas Prime | Believe In Us (feat. Awon)
I love Piano. A lot of the tracks I listen to, and I produce consist of a strong Piano line. I find it can convey such great emotion, and is such a pure, sweet sound. It's what I love with this track. It stands out, and is so uplifting, working incredibly well with Awon's smooth flow. Thomas Prime really out does it with this track, the smooth Organic elements and high vocals makes this one of my number 1 Chillout songs. Step back and rest.

9. James Blake | Voyeur (Bear//Face Bootleg Edit)
Just 3 minutes long, this track is nothing short of percussion. Consisting of Trap elements and shallow sidechained pads and bass, what really does it for me are the vocals. Bear//Face did an awesome job in converting the original smooth, Chillout track, into an uplifting Energetic vibe. I'm listening to it now, it makes me so happy. I really do not care about anything right now, apart from writing this.

10. Jai Paul | BTSTU
So I've only known this track for about a week and I've been listening to it non stop. Jai Paul's Falsetto voice is so sweet, contrasting greatly with a thick saw bass and loud percussion. It has a great groove to it. It makes me move, but slowly, relaxingly. This song is so unique! Great job, Jai Paul.