WARMER MIXTAPES #873 | by Jens Moelle [Palermo Disko Machine/Jence] of Digitalism

1. Metronomy | The Look
I know it's from 2011, but still one of the favorites so far from Metronomy and it was one of my Summer anthems 2011.

2. Justin Timberlake | Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want)
I know this song is new and I can't tell so much about, but for me's already one of my Justin favorites.

3. Grauzone | Raum (Ata's Extended Mix) 
I discovered this track 2 years ago in a Record's Store and the funny part is that noboby knew about this track from Grauzone and, here we go, we put that track to our DJ-Kicks mix and for me it was sure this track comes to my All Time favorites.

4. Tiga Vs Audion | Let's Go Dancing 
I was reading that they are doing something together and I can tell for sure that these 2 gents are doing a Dance anthem bomb, because these 2 gents are simply amazing. I remember that time when I really danced to their DJ sets when they played 7 years ago in Hamburg.

5. | Pilgrim (Digitalism Remix)
New girl from Denmark, a nice country with a lot of good taste and Music and few friends there. So don't forget this remix from us, I guess a nice combination.

6. Gary Numan | Music For Chameleons
I've rediscovered this recently after I watched Alan Partridge again - he plays Air Bass to this song. A lot of our Music seems to be influenced by cold 80s Synths, and without a doubt Gary was one of the pioneers in this Sound. This is currently on repeat on my iTunes, and it's a great example of combining Live elements with Synthesizers in Music.

7. Kendrick Lamar | Money Trees (feat. Jay Rock)
We spent a lot of time in LA over the last years, and KL's album is quintessentially LA. The song is longer than usual Radio edits, which for me makes it even more epic. It's got a great sample of Beach House in it, the Production is great, and besides the clever lyrics, this makes you want to go back and cruise around on the West Coast.
8. Julian Casablancas | River Of Brakelights
Epic Songwriting on this one, very diverse Production, and, yeah, Julian Casablancas on this, who we've worked with before on our last album. This is probably my favourite track of that album (Phrazes For The Young). We are big fans of The Strokes, but I didn't want to choose Reptilia on this one, which is obviously a great song too.

9. Daft Punk | Touch (feat. Paul Williams)
Just Epic. I saw many people in tears listening to this song - I think it's because it feels so honest and direct, it makes people drop all defences and shields and let this right into their brains and hearts… It's like a Rock Opera. Definitely the most important thing on Random Access Memories.

10. The Juan MacLean | You Can't Have It Both Ways (Live)
One of the first DFA records. It came out around the time when The Rapture dropped Echoes and we went away from DJing just House Music, because it got a bit boring for us by then - producers would just use the same formula over and over again, and it just didn't appeal to us anymore. More so because we got struck by the incoming waves of new Dance releases every week, because we were working in a record shop then. So we were looking for new sounds, and Electro Clash had just started somehow; beats were either programmed, but Live elements like Guitars, etc., were added, or the other way 'round; there would be un-tight Live Drums (pretty hard to beat-match back then on Vinyl!) with a lot of Electronica on top. Our Musical World started filling up with Rebellion against the - in our heads - outdated, formulaic tracks. It got darker, colder, edgier and more DIY. What a time!