WARMER MIXTAPES #872 | by Shakuru Tajiri [shak.]

1. N*E*R*D | Chariot Of Fire 
Fly Or Die was the first album I ever got. It’s something very cool about that early 2000 Neptunes sound. Pharrell is a legit genius and one of my idols. Him and Chad are the perfect duo.

2. John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman | My One And Only Love (Frank Sinatra Cover)
I’ve been a huge Jazz fan for years. My grandfather used to play a lot of Bebop around the house. I loved going through my parents’ and grandparents’ Record collections and listening to anything from crazy Fusion stuff to Free Jazz to really calming cool Jazz. Jazz chords are the best, this Coltrane song really defines it.

3. The Smiths | Still Ill
I started getting into the Smiths about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. Morrissey is a great writer. Very cool lyrics in this song.

4. Shlohmo | Seriously
Bad Vibes changed my life. That album just made so much sense to me. It’s something about those Emotional Lo-Fi Aesthetics that Shlohmo puts in his work that just inspires me so much. I had never looked at Songwriting like that. The structure of Seriously is so tight, the Guitar building up and ending with this big Bass near the end. His use of Reverb and Slide Guitar is crazy too, I could go on but I think you get the point. Huge inspiration.

5. Joy Division | Disorder 
I feel like a sad 80’s teenager at heart, so Joy Division is like the perfect soundtrack to my life.

6. Toro Y Moi | Girl Problems 
This was the song that got me hooked on Toro’s Music. June 2009 gave me the same feeling that Bad Vibes gave me. Pretty much every Toro Y Moi album is great. Had the chance to meet him in Amsterdam, incredibly humble guy.

7. Yesterdays New Quintet | Solar Waves 
I went through a huge Madlib and Dilla phase in High School. They are both legendary producers, extremely versatile and talented. Hearing all the YNQ stuff made me want to start recording Live Instruments in contrast to Sampling Records. Huge inspiration on me as well.

8. Zoo Kid | Out Getting Ribs 
King Krule. This kid is a genius. Hearing that reverby Guitar and this guy’s voice for the first time blew me away. I can’t even really explain.

9. D’Angelo | Africa
Voodoo is also one of the albums I grew upon. The whole record is crazy. Africa is probably one of my favorite songs to drum too.

10. James Blake | To Care (Like You) 
I have never heard anything similar to James’ first record. He has such an unique way of Producing, still blows my mind to this day.