WARMER MIXTAPES #876 | by Philippe Edison [JayLotus]

1. Robert Glasper | Of Dreams To Come
This song really changed my Life, I remember when I was studying Music at Berklee College of Music in Boston I would listen to this song every morning on the way to class, the Sounds of the City along with the Piano, Bass, & Drums blended really well, it gave me this feeling of Completeness... Even now, as I listen to this song while I write this, it still give off that Timeless vibe.

2. James Blake | The Bells Sketch
My first introduction to James Blake was while I was again at Berklee, I'd never heard Dubstep before in my life, and at the time all I listening to was Jazz, Hip Hop, Neo Soul, & Gospel... And when I heard this I felt an instant connection with all those in this guy's work, from the Vocal bits to the harsh saws - all of it fascinated me... I've been a fan ever since then.

3. Jesse Boykins III | Itis
I stumbled across this guy's Music by mistake on YouTube, again while at Berklee, haha, the song was Amorous... It'd been a long time since I heard a younger artist in the U.S. doing Soulful Music like this on the East Coast, I ended up copping the record and then I heard the song Itis and I was like... Damn, yo, this dude is on point... The Trumpet in the background just really added to the entire vibe.

4. AFTA-1 | Love Suite 2 (Sit Still)
I came across AFTA-1 originally by listening to Jesse Boykins III's The Beauty Created and there was this tune called Connected and the Production was super-super on point, I ended up hitting Jesse on Twitter asking if he produced the tune and he said it was produced by AFTA-1, so I went and searched up this guy and found a record by him AFTATHOUGHTS Vol. 1... I became an instant fan and continue to search for this guy's work. Then I came across a podcast he did called Love Is Real Vol. 3 and the last tune was Love Sweet 2 by him... The song blew my mind and I felt a sense of Happiness and Peace that brought tears to my eyes... I later on got into Production myself because of this guy... This guy really changed my life.

5. Burial | Shutta
I got into Burial's work not long ago and he's been a huge inspiration for some of my more recent tunes... There's not enough words to say how much I dig this tune, but let's just say it's beautiful and leave at that. A true work of Art indeed.

6. Gretchen Parlato | Winter Wind
I found out about Gretchen through Robert Glasper, I really love her arrangements and then I love the fact her voice is so Natural. It's tastefully sweet when I listen to her, it's like she's apart of the band, not just her and the band, which is something you don't often see with Vocalists.
7. Slum Village | Thelonious (feat. Common)
I also found about this song through Robert Glasper doing a tribute to J Dilla on his In My Element album. At the time I was not familiar with J Dilla, but the more I got into Glasper - the more that name came up. Then, when I got in the J Dilla Ensemble at Berklee, it went off from there and then that's how I learned about Dilla's legacy, the Art of Sampling and taking Dilla's Music, breaking it down and learned what he sampled, how he sampled it and then we reinterpreted his Music with Live Instruments. This song really was a Life Changer for me, every now and then I'll play this tune with my own Live Band, haha.

8. Lapalux | Moments (feat. PY)
Lapalux is the Truth, mane. I just recently got into this guy, I had this joint on repeat and listen to it almost every day. The singer, PY, really fit perfectly on this. I recommend everyone put this song in their Love Making playlist, hahaha.

9. Herbie Hancock | Butterfly
Herbie is truly a Master and this tune shows it, it's a huge Classic which really influenced much of the Music I make now.

10. Les Sins | Grind
I just recently found out about Toro Y Moi, not too long ago and I actually heard this tune on his Soundcloud, it's mad addicting, I've had it on repeat the past few weeks, this guy's work is on point. I've been really inspired by everything I've heard from him.