WARMER MIXTAPES #877 | by Cheryl Vickers [TheHolyC]

1. The Chambers Brothers | Time Has Come Today
This track has a great 60's feel to it and has great Acoustics.

2. Schlachthofbronx | Coolie Fruit (feat. Gnucci Banana)
I love this track as it has a great New Orleans bounce feel to it and a nice break down in the middle with an unexpected Melody.

3. Soom T & Disrupt | I Need Weed
Soom T's flawless effort to flow coupled with her Melodic voice is really catchy and reminds me of partying back in my home country with Live MC's over Reggae beats.

4. Chippy Nonstop | Money Dance
Chippy is the King of Hooks!! When I think about current Hip Hop in the Bay Area - I envisage Nonstop's track and in particular this one, she breaks boundaries with Controversial Content and is an exemplar example of how to achieve a Viral following in line with the changing Music Industry.

5. Lady Leshurr | Look At Me Now (Chris Brown Cover)
When I think right back to my influences, I think of Leshurr. Her flows are Next Level and she is the only Female Artist I know of who goes hard and is my ultimate influence.

6. The Notorious B.I.G. | Dead Wrong (feat. Eminem)
Probably the Best Lyricist Ever to Exist... Biggie set the example and bar high in Hip Hop. NY was the home of Rap and nowadays it's totally watered down (as much as it is enjoyable)... Hip Hop isn't the same and when I think of how Hip Hop should be... I think of this track.

7. Eazy-E | Eazy-Duz-It
I love the Sound of this track... The Old School feel and this track takes me right back to the Basics and influences my Production skills.

8. Bo$$ | Catch A Bad One 
Bo$$' most notable track is I Don't Give A Fuck, this track is basically unknown as is her legacy. It doesn't even appear on YouTube. This track is great and is lively and encourages me to produce more, although there is a caveat as to the Life and Death of Hip Hop and Record Companies; it reminds me your work can pass and be forgotten, and her album is a reminder to be more aware of the Industry.

9. Lil Wayne | 6 Foot 7 Foot (feat. Cory Gunz)
This track, albeit a tad Commercial, has a great Bassline and demonstrates tight Rhymes all the way throughout. I have decided to do a Cover of this track on my EP to demonstrate Pure Lyrical Skill.

10. Square One | Ragga Muffin
This track reminds me of the Dancehall tracks I used to drop when I was solely a DJ. It's Energetic and opens up memories to other Dancehall artists!