WARMER MIXTAPES #878 | by Anthony Peters [Subscape]

1. The Stone Roses | Fools Gold
Even though this track was released a year after I was born, I still feel like I grew up with it. I used to always hear it on the Radio and in TV adverts, and whenever I hear the Guitar Riff and Drum Break it reminds me of the days I used to spend at Guildford Skatepark, skating with my friends with a portable Hi-Fi playing the Original 9.53 minute Mix on Cassette.

2. Bonobo | Black Sands
This album I am still listening to over and over again, still immersing myself deeper and deeper into it. Each track is a gem in itself with a perfect mix of Live and Sample Recording which makes it a perfect close your eyes moment. My first experience of seeing him Live was at Bestival, where I randomly stumbled across the Rizlab stage which was showcasing Ninja Tune Records that evening, and it opened me up to this album and how incredible his tunes sounded in a Live Set.

3. Rusko | Jahova
Before Rusko moved to LA he lived in Ealing, in London. I remember when I hadn't yet had a release on Dub Police and we used to go to his place sometimes and listen to his new productions that he was working on. This was when Dubstep was still a very new thing for me, and when I first heard that tune it tingled all my senses and I just remember how the Bass rumbled through me in his Bedroom Studio, and I couldn't help but raise a rave finger in the air.

4. Commix | Painted Smile
I'm a big Drum & Bass lover, and in my younger days I loved travelling up and down the country seeing all my favourite artists at some great clubs. I was at Turnmills in London which has since closed down, and saw Commix play in one of the small rooms. For their first tune they played Painted Smile which I had never heard before, and I remember hearing the ringing reflected Piano dropping on top of the warmest Spaced Reese Baseline that made the hairs stand on the back of my neck, I love those feelings.

5. Julio Bashmore | Au Seve
Only last year I discovered Mr. Bashmore and his wonderful Productions. This was a bit of an anthem for me in 2012 and I always found myself whistling the melody when I was out and about. I heard it in almost everyone's set in the clubs and at the festivals, and I love the happy carefree feel to the track.

6. High Contrast | Racing Green
This guy has been one of my Favourite Producers To Listen To, in and out of the club. He has a way of delivering the goods over and over again with his unique Sound and Racing Green sticks in my head with the best memories of when I used to go raving with my friends in the Summer. The warm Bassline accompanied by the lush Strings pierces through you like nothing else and the repeated Vocal sample gives the icing on the cake, even though still to this day I don't know what she's saying!

7. Emalkay | Explicit
All about the drop for this one and the unmistakable Biggie sample that seduces you into an All-Out Raging Skank Out. I remember dropping this at Untitled in Belgium 2010 and watching the crowd go off in a bouncing sea of heads, every time I hear this I always have to slap myself out of a screw face.

8. AWE | Jurassic
Discovered this guy this year on Plastician's Record Label Terrorhythm. It's a crazy mash of traditional Dubstep mixed with some blippy Trap elements which enhances the Bounce of the track. You can just indulge yourself into the Grittiness of the Bass and Melodies, and it gives off a flipped out energy that attracted me to it straight away.

9. Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie xx | I'm New Here
We're New Here is a Remix Album of Gil Scott-Heron's 2010 Studio Album I'm New Here, remixed by Jamie xx. I love how Musically Varied it is and how it incorporated Dubstep and UK Garage, the Narrative is reborn through Jamie's reworking and it's an album that has been on repeat in my car for many gig journeys to get me in the mood for the evening, with its mix of Euphoric and Dark vibes.

10. The Others | One Man Show (feat. Lonette Charles)
I love when The Others go down their more Musical and Chilled Out side of Production, and this tune is in my eyes one of his best. I remember sitting in the Studio with him sketching out the rough copy of his Red Planet album, and this tune was an Instrumental track at first, then he made the great decision to get Lonette Charles to Vocal it. She has an incredible voice and it's so easy to lose yourself in the track, the Blues feelings of it can bring out some Lonely Emotions.