WARMER MIXTAPES #882 | by Joel Cachero [Golden Living Room/JAc32067/Cachero] of Notice Everything, The Eagles Of Holmes Feathers Quintet and The Phrygian Gypsies

1. SAINT PEPSI | Unhappy
I've been a part of the SPF420 community since April of 2013. I've been keeping up with SAINT PEPSI since then. Recently we have become friends and he shares Music with me sometimes. Unhappy is a great track because it crosses the boundaries of just one genre. Also, it's very Melodic... I'm all about Melodic Music and SAINT PEPSI knows how to portray the most beautiful melodies and the overall Production value of his Music is impeccable. I have the utmost respect for Ryan.

2. Kyross | Sleep
Kyross is a young producer from Vancouver B.C. He recently joined a group of like-minded musicians called The Midwest Collective which I am associated with myself. This song is Hypnotic and I can't stop myself from swaying or nodding my head when I listen. The Vocal samples used evoke a sense of Modern Nostalgia if that makes any sense. The Production value of his Music is unreal.

3. Laserdisc Visions | Select
Vektroid's side project Laserdisc Visions was one of my first exposures to Vaporwave. The Repetitive quality of the loops is Hypnotic, which causes me to go into a semi Trance every time I listen to it. I've actually been performing Select in my Live sets the last few shows I've played. I have taken the base samples and added my own thing to them. Honestly the whole album (New Dreams Ltd.) is amazing. I'd say that Vektroid is one of the biggest influences on me as of late. She creates moods that seem like they have already existed in my life experience. It's like the Nonsensical Childhood Bliss that you experience when you subconsciously hear beautiful Music that you are not aware of.

4. Nobuo Uematsu | Flowers Blooming In The Church (Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack)
There are a handful of songs that really can transport me to a state of Bliss every time I listen to them and this song is definitely one of them. Aside from the fact that hearing this Game Music brings back good memories of my childhood, the song is absolutely sublime... It makes me feel Safe and Warm. It reminds me of being at my friend’s dad’s apartment. My friend would play Final Fantasy and I would watch and listen. I never followed the storyline, I would just listen to the Music and soak in the Surreal Alternate Reality of the game. It was like a sweet escape from the pain of certain aspects of my childhood.

5. Sade | Love Is Stronger Than Pride
I grew up listening to Sade with my Dad. I didn’t realize how much Sade actually impacted my life until I found myself mimicking her Melodic style in my improvisations while playing Jazz. I had people coming up to me saying I heard you quote Sade there. I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it. It makes sense because I had a strange routine as a teenager where I would put on the Sade album Stronger Then Pride and play the Title Track on repeat all night. I repeated this routine for three years.

6. Harold Budd/Brian Eno | The Plateaux Of Mirror 
This album, Ambient 2: The Plateaux Of Mirror,  pretty much defined spring 2012 for me. I was extremely stressed out from Graduate School and I would put this album on repeat when I was attempting to sleep. I remember having the most bizarre Lucid Dreams listening to this album. The Music was like a Soundtrack to my dreams that spring.

7. Thelonious Monk | Pannonica
Brilliant Corners was the first Jazz album my teacher gave me when I first started studying Music. Sonny Rollins plays the first Solo which is absolutely brilliant (no pun intended)... I ended up transcribing many of those phrases and incorporated them into my own Musical vocabulary. I spent so many hours Listening, Practicing and Performing this song that it has become a part of me.

8. Alice Coltrane | The Ankh Of Amen-Ra 
This song is the perfect blend of Ambient Music and Avant-Garde Jazz. Just hearing the Open Notes played on the Harp instantly relaxes me and takes me to a place of Calm. It reminds me of the uncertainty of my living situation at the time.

9. GOLF SWINGERS | splashhh
Building Dreams... This album was very Influential for me when starting Golden Living Room. The Sonic quality of the Music is unreal. Listening to the album is like taking a half asleep trip through a Sega Saturn game and never coming back the same.

10. Miles Davis | I Fall In Love Too Easily (Frank Sinatra Cover)
Miles Davis second Quintet with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams and Ron Carter was a perfect combination of Musicians that were delving into a new Realm of Jazz that would soon evolve into Miles’ Fusion style. The Live In Antibes concert was one of those albums that I listened to for weeks. The album reminds me of Autumn nights in fall of 2009.