WARMER MIXTAPES #881 | by Amanda Schukle (A Humanoid) and Tracy Shapiro of Steel Cranes

SIDE A | by Amanda Schukle

Unlike Tracy, I love to talk about Music Obsessively and Evangelistically.
I could have had a Top 100 list, but I just managed to keep it to 14.

1. Queen & David Bowie | Under Pressure
Simply the Greatest Song Ever. No contest. David Bowie is my Favorite Artist of All Time. Freddie Mercury had the most incredible Voice in Rock 'N’ Roll. This song is just Perfect in every way and it makes me so happy every time I hear it.

2. Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers | American Girl
My favorite use of a song in a Film Soundtrack. The Silence Of The Lambs scene with the young girl rocking out to this song in her car just before being kidnapped is Unforgettable and Perfect.

3. Gang Of Four | Not Great Men
This song (and the whole Entertainment album) changed the way I thought about playing the Guitar. The way Andy Gill combines these super jagged parts with a grooving Rhythm Section is so awesome.

4. Patti Smith | Gloria (Them Cover)
I always liked Horses, but I recently rediscovered it and realized it is one of the Greatest Albums Ever. And the opener, Gloria, half Original/half Cover, is one of the most unbelievable pieces of Music ever recorded. Irreverent, blistering, sexy, playful, and just plain badass.

5. The Police | Message In A Bottle
I dream of the day when I’ll feel qualified to even call Stewart Copeland an influence on my Drumming. Until then, I’ll just say that every Beat, Note, and Lyric in this song is Perfect.

6. The Smiths | Bigmouth Strikes Again
It’s so hard to choose a favorite Smiths song. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out is a verrry close second, but I have to go with this one... Because I tend to put my foot in my mouth. The lyrics are hilarious.

7. Black Sabbath | Hand Of Doom
That Bassline. Oh, man. So ominous. And Bill Ward’s little Hip-Hop Beat. So cool. And then it all explodes. So Evil. Black Sabbath has been a huge influence on my Guitar playing and Drumming. This song is just the perfect expression of all aspects of their power.

8. Band Of Horses | The Funeral
I almost had a first kiss with someone very special while this song played. I always think of that excitement and anticipation when I hear this.

9. Van Morrison | Into The Mystic
Oh, Van. He has such a gift for calling up Timeless themes of Love and Life and doing it in a way that is just so damn Romantic. I can’t help but get swept up in this song. This is the point in my list where I realize I am Emo... Yikes! Oh, well.

10. Radiohead | Paranoid Android
Radiohead is easily my favorite band. And this is the song that really solidified that. They’re so good at throwing in little mathy bits without being obvious about it. Epic, intricate, challenging, and endlessly listenable.

+11. TV On The Radio | Province
Love is the province of the brave. This song rips my guts out.

+12. Guns N' Roses | Rocket Queen
Until Appetite For Destruction came out, I was a kid listening to Bobby Brown and Paula Abdul. This album changed my life. Rocket Queen was my jam. I first picked up a guitar because of G N’ R and I still listen to Appetite to get pumped up for shows.

+13. The Twilight Singers | Papillon
I’d loved Afghan Whigs for a long time, but I came to also love Greg Dulli’s post-Afghan Whigs band, The Twilight Singers, while hunched over in the airport in New Orleans after a particularly debaucherous weekend at a conference for Librarians, of all things. Blackberry Belle had been recorded in New Orleans and it was just the thing to make me feel a little better about feeling so shitty. Papillon is classic Dulli celebrating the Darkness.

+14. Pink Floyd | Wish You Were Here
The first song I ever learned on Guitar (like millions of other Guitar players, I’m sure). It’s so simple, so beautiful. I’ll never get tired of it.

SIDE B | by Tracy Shapiro

I don't listen to Music much. I don't know most songs by name, and I rarely know what band is what. I tend to avoid talking about Music, because I never have much to say about it. Disclaimer aside, here's a tiny handful of resilient tunes...

1. Elliott Smith | Waltz #2 (XO)
There was a time where I listened to Elliott Smith's Waltz #2 (XO) exclusively for months. I was coming out of a painful and messy situation with someone and the song made me cry every time I heard it. I needed to cry so I took the song like medicine. I didn't bother listening to anything else but that song on repeat until I didn't need it anymore. I'm never going to know you now but I'm going to love you anyhow. I still think it's one of the most beautiful lines I've ever heard.

2. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson | Insight & Intuition
This is a 20 minute track off of a Meditation CD. I listen to this and other stuff by this guy more than any other Music. It relaxes me and helps me focus. No small feat. His Bio talks about how his Clinical Research works with Sound Frequency Patterns and their capacity to entrain Brainwaves and trigger Health benefits. Ha, who needs Rock ‘N’ Roll when you can have less Anxiety! Let the stoning begin.

3. tUnE-yArDs | Powa 
I’m just going to sound like an idiot if I try and talk about their Music. It’s beyond me, but I love it.

4. Cribshitter | Full Time Lover
It’s an exercise in Futility to try and pick a favorite song from my favorite band, Cribshitter (Madison, Wisconsin’s premiere Fog Machine-oriented band). Is it War Torn Vaginer? Is it Jared Is Different Around Girls? Is it I Got Hot Sauce (In My Pussy)? Is it Derek Stole Cereal? Full Time Lover is one of the last songs I listened to and so in honor of random Diplomacy, that’s the tune that I’ll put on this mixtape.

5. Vanessa Williams | Save The Best For Last
I used to rollerblade in circles for hours in the street with my friend Kara while listening to this song. I owe at least 60 percent of my Rollerblading prowess to Vanessa. I won’t lie to make you feel better about yourself, the other 40 percent is innate skillz. It’s a gift.

6. Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 | I'm Falling
Somehow I ended up with a Robyn Hitchcock CD in my car a few years back. I had never heard of him before. This quickly became my favorite track on the album. It feels precarious and resigned and passionate all at the same time. I love the line, I'm afraid of loving you and you're afraid I can't. I was in the midst of navigating a relationship that was full of Fear and Love and Complexity when I really latched onto this song.

7. Garfunkel And Oates | 29/31 
I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t love this song nearly so much if I were still in my twenties.

8. Midtown Dickens | Annihilation 
I saw these guys five years ago, bought their Music, found this song, and listened to it in excess. It's not your fault that you bore me. I must be naive for thinking that conversation should be interesting is the first line of the tune. They could have combusted into a medley of fingernails on a chalkboard after that point and I wouldn't have cared. That line is gold.

9. Austin Lucas | Go West
I was given the album, Somebody Loves You, a few years back and it’s one of few albums I’ll consistently listen to. I sometimes find myself wondering why all Music can’t sound like this. I understand that that’s not a very Realistic desire and I don’t want to pigeonhole the whole World or anything. But to appease myself, I just listen to this album exclusively over and over so that it sorta seems like all Music just sounds like this. Every song on the album has been my favorite at one point. Go West prevails today.

10. Rihanna | Pour It Up
Or let's call it... That Song I Don’t Know The Name Of By Rihanna That Changes Every Six Months by Rihanna. I listen to a lot of Top 40 Radio whilst driving. Amanda gives me murderous looks when I pick her up for shows blasting Wild 94.9, San Francisco’s HIT Music Station! But the Radio Station stylizes their catch phrase by capitalizing HIT. So I know it’s legit.