WARMER MIXTAPES #895 | by Anna Maria Pink [Raven Sorvino]

1. Janet Jackson | That's The Way Love Goes
I remember this Video coming out when I was a kid and falling in Love with the Video. My cousin was a Back Up Dancer for Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson was really close to the family. I was always facinated by her cool personality.

2. Drake | Fireworks (feat. Alicia Keys)
I was already in Love with the song because of it being a great song. At the time I was a big fan of Alicia Keys. I was dating this guy off and on and I finally got him to go to a Family Function on the 4th of July. Everyone went on the rooftop to watch the Fireworks and they had that song on repeat, it was a very Romantic moment.

3. Ol' Dirty Bastard | Brooklyn Zoo
First off everything about this record is Perfection. An Ageless song. 20 years from now it will still have that Brand New feeling to it. I able to meet him when I was a kid and his energy was crazy. He gave me a glass of Mo√ęt and I was way under the age. You got to respect him for that. Plus his grills always fascinated me. Last year I went to Brooklyn to shoot my P.A.P.E.R Visual and seen his Mural. I took a Jail House Pose picture in front of it with a 40oz beer. R.I.P., ODB!

4. Aaliyah | Are You That Somebody? (Dr. Dolittle Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
The Beat on that record is incredible. The Baby Sample was really Creative. The way Aaliyah was singing on that track reminded me of a crazy Rap Pattern with Opera influences. I remember taping the Video and trying to learn the Dance Choreography. She reminded me of a young Janet Jackson. Her hair in the Video was killer. It made me want to go get a weave so I could have my hair styled like hers. She is one of my biggest influences Musically. My first project Inspired was all Aaliyah samples. R.I.P., baby girl.

5. Sade | No Ordinary Love
It's one of the Most Stimulating Songs Made. No matter what mood you in it puts in a Relaxing Mindstate. It's like a Melody massage. Similar to smoking a fat ass blunt with a side of Red Wine. I see Seagulls making Love when I listen to it. Dolphins and Wales Swimming Together in Unity. Need I say more?

6. Bun B | Get Throwed (feat. Pimp C, Z-Ro, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z)
Pimp C's first Two Bars. Polo fuck that Hilfiger. Me being a Lo head myself I could relate to the Pimp God. Pimp C is one of my Favorite Rappers of All Time. I could relate to that song because Texas Trill bitches be getting throwed.

7. The Notorious B.I.G. | One More Chance
Lyrically I'm supposed to represent I'm not only a client - I'm the player president. When you say that in a Rap it shuts everything down. What I loved about B.I.G. is he could make a girl song, but it would still be so Player. The Beat, the Flow, the Cadence it was all 100% Player. Biggie made you want to Rock Versace glasses and step your Cristal game up.

8. Portishead | Sour Times
This is Dark twisted beautiful Music. Her melodies over the eerie Breakbeat feeling is crazy. This album put me in another space when I wrote my Raps. Ever since I listened to this album I been stuck in a Dark place. My Music always has a Dark side to it thanks to Portishead.

9. Johnny Cash | Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
I got onto Johnny Cash late, obviously, haha. I came across this Video and I decided to watch the Movie Walk The Line with Joaquin Phoenix and I began to understand his pain and how it reflected onto his Music. Working on Music and going on Tour with his Love interest who became his wife, they were inseparable together. It was the Best Musician Twilight Love Story.

10. LL Cool J | I Need Love
The way he was macking to the girl in the Video was so Fresh. The way he wore that Bucket hat. I've never seen a man wear a Bucket hat so beautifully. It made me know that I could too wear a Bucket hat and still be beautiful. I tend to lick my lips at times and walk around with my sweats rolled up. This is the only Rap song I know from beginning to end and not miss a word.