WARMER MIXTAPES #894 | by Oli Chang [LOVELESS] and Jack Milas of High Highs

Photos by Justin Vague

SIDE A | by Oli Chang

1. Empire Of The Sun | I'll Be Around 
We were honored to play the Sydney Opera House with these guys earlier in the year. This song is so sublime and makes me want to slow dance underwater with someone strange.

2. Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois & Roger Eno | An Ending (Ascent) 
When I need my mind to be still I listen to this. It makes me think of being at home alone after a day at the beach.

3. Steve Reich | Music For 18 Musicians: Section I 
I love trancing out to this at Low levels when I'm flying.

4. Aphex Twin | Alberto Balsalm 
I love Music that is written for 1 or 2 Synths. This track is a beautiful example of how it can make it necessary for the parts to be so cool.

5. Billy Collins | Morning
This poem explains perfectly why I love Mornings.

6. Mr Oizo | Cut Dick 
Sometimes I like Music that's silly and fun. I also like Music that sounds like it was written in one sitting. It can be the best in the World. It's also important to take this piss sometimes - sounds like he's doing it here.

7. Todd Terje | Snooze 4 Love 
Todd Terje must make the best Dance Music in the World.

8. Glass Candy | Warm In The Winter
There's such a beautiful chemistry behind this collaboration. I feel in love with their Music and her Voice. When I saw them Live it made me so happy.

9. Koreless | Sun 
Pristine Epic Symmetry.

10. Max Richter | Spring 1 (Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Recomposed, Performed with Daniel Hope/Konzerthaus Kammerorchester Berlin/André De Ridder)
300 years later this piece of Music is still undeniable gorgeous. Beautiful modernized by Max Richter.

SIDE B | by Jack Milas

1. The Smiths | Ask
It was tough to settle on one Smiths song for this list. So this is the song I'm vibing with right here, right now. Today was the first colder day in New York since Summer officially came to an end. It was still nice, but you needed a light jacket. There's a Freshness in the air.

2. Talk Talk | I Believe In You
Talk Talk is the fucking jam… Seriously. I first heard this song driving across Idaho. It felt like the middle of Nowhere. They reached such a special place with this song. It feels Life Affirming, but Heartbreaking.

3. Desire | Tears From Heaven
This might be my Summer In New York In 2013 song. I listened to it almost every day for three months. It works well on a dance floor. It's also terribly sad.

4. The Smiths | Back To The Old House
Make that two Smiths songs. This line always kills me: You never knew how much I really liked you, because I never even told you. Oh, and I meant to.

5. J.J. Cale | Crazy Mama
My dad introduced me to J.J. Cale. I was listening to this awesome album a lot when we were in upstate New York writing our Second Album.

6. Philly Devotions | I Just Can't Say Goodbye (Jimmy DePre Edit)
I heard Floating Points play this at the club Output in Brooklyn. He has great taste. Awesome Edit.

7. Vampire Weekend | Obvious Bicycle
We were lucky enough to Tour with these guys in May this year. I think this record came out a day or two before our first show together, and I remember being really struck by this song on the drive to the first show in Boston.

8. Maxmillion Dunbar | Woo
This track was playing while I was browsing for records in Co-Op 87 in Greenpoint, near where I live. I asked the guy what it was and bought it immediately.

9. Todd Terje | Strandbar (Samba)
This is a really interesting release, because there are three versions of the one song. For a while I was listening to Disko and thought that was rad. Then I heard Gilles Peterson spin this version and I was like… Samba.

10. Sérgio Ricardo | Enquanto A Tristeza Não Vem
I've been listening to Sérgio Ricardo and Jorge Ben Jor almost constantly at home. I found a record of his that was signed on the back, which felt pretty special. I've had a hard time translating what he wrote on the back because the Handwriting is faded. I've always found the Backup Vocals very Haunting in this song.

+11. Kanye West | Bound 2
Classic Kanye.