WARMER MIXTAPES #903 | by Reilly Cooper [StratosFear]

1. Burial | In McDonalds
Have you ever felt so lonely that you just want to wallow in it for a while? You want to curl up in a ball under the stars and think about how tiny you really are. Or maybe sit inside your comfy, warm house as rain patters down outside--staring out into the grey fog. That's exactly how this song makes me feel, every time I listen to it... A little ball of emptiness inside.

2. Ed Sheeran | The A Team (KOAN Sound Remix)
Everything about this song is utter Perfection. I found this about 2 years ago, when I really started making Music. I keep this as one of the ideals to work toward for Production.

3. Susumu Hirasawa | A Drop Filled With Memories (Paprika Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
It's the perfect blend of Orchestral Music and Electronic Music. One of the first songs that ever sent shivers down my spine.

4. Helios | Coast Off
This track, and Eingya in general, are the perfect Chillout tracks. It just makes you imagine the perfect Summer day, out in the woods with the perfect girl, hearing the birds chirping and a little brook babbling near you.

5. Tycho | A Walk
This one has always made me imagine watching the Sunrise on an empty beach, listening to the waves roll in and to the seagulls crying. It's basically Love in a song.

6. Porter Robinson | Language
I had never had a Dance track give me goosebumps. But the second the Chords after the Piano part come in, I get the perfect feeling inside. This is how Music should make you feel.

7. Essáy & Stumbleine | Rhiannon
First song that got me into Chill Music. It just has the perfect groove, the perfect feel with those Choral samples. Knowing the people who made the song, they probably weren't Choral voices to start with, but that's part of the Genius. Their Production is Genius.

8. Oscillist | Finding Solace
One of the simplest songs Chord-wise and Structure-wise, but the Atmosphere is probably the best I've heard. It's so perfectly empty.

9. The Naked And Famous | Punching In A Dream
The best Electronic Pop song I've heard. The transition where they finish the verse and go into the part with the Voices layered over the Synth is beautiful. And the Drum fills at the end are sweet.

10. Jon Hopkins | Collider
BEST SONG EVER. Seriously. It's an experience that's impossible to describe. Just listen to it, preferably on loud speakers.