WARMER MIXTAPES #904 | by Jérémie Graesslin [Slowz/Alex Pace]

1. The Paradise | In Love With You
Alan Braxe & Romuald... This track is my favorite and it will be still my favorite because this beautiful tune is made by Alan Braxe, my favorite Producer so far. I think that Alan Braxe is more than a DJ, he is the Artist, he knows how to play Piano and he plays the best Harmonies you can hear. I listen to this Sound since 3 years ago and I feel the same things today. It reminds me about the Beach on a Sunny day, the Vocals are Pure and the Piano - shivering.

2. Bag Raiders | Shooting Stars (Kris Menace Remix)
Same thing for Kris Menace, he plays Piano so good. I love the Original, but I prefer this Remix because it's more massive. I listen to Shooting Stars since 4 years ago.

3. The Count & Sinden | Future (Canblaster Remix)
So, ahah, I'm in love with Canblaster. I think he is my second favorite Artist in this World. His Chords are really awesome on each track he produced. I always play this track on my set, because I think that this track is for Dancing and, in the same time, very, very beautiful. Canblaster is the Future and it's Magic when I listen to his Keys.

4. The Aikiu | Win (feat. JD Samson)
This French band is really awesome, very sweet. When you listen to this song you have to just close your eyes and think about people you love.

5. Juveniles | Strangers (Le Crayon Remix)
French DJ too, very sensual. He always makes me dreaming. Le Crayon is a very good Producer supported by Yuksek.

6. WU LYF | Concrete Gold
Very mature group, with good Sounds of Guitar, very beautiful voice. This album called Go Tell Fire To The Moutain is my favorite of 2011. If you like Slow Rhythm, deep Lyrics, beautiful Vocals, you have to listen to this album!

7. Michael Giacchino | The Constant (Lost Original Television Soundtrack)
Michael Giacchino is the Hugest Composer Ever! Lost is the Best TV Show Ever! And this song is perfect, it makes my cry... These Strings are just amazing. Very beautiful song.

8. 5 Reasons | Night Drive In Moscow (feat. Patrick Baker) (Bronx Remix)
This Remix is so cool, we feel Happiness! Very Fresh and Perfect in a set! I always play this song too!

9. Way Back | Way Back
Deep House track. Very simple, but so effective!

10. BASECAMP | Emmanuel (Stwo Remix)
His most beautiful track so far, Stwo is a young French Producer. The Beat is very clean and the Synth - very deep, perfect R&B, Chill track!