WARMER MIXTAPES #906 | by Benji G. [Boy In A Movie] of Blak Movie

1. D’Angelo | Untitled (How Does It Feel)
This is one D’Angelo tune that I can listen to again and again. It really cuts me deep.

2. Gonzales | C.M Blues
It is such an expressive track. It has an amazing balance of Softness which is indicative of Chilly Gonzales. He really takes you somewhere back in Time. That’s why I love him. He is a real Musical Genius.

3. Bobby McFerrin | Drive
I saw Spontaneous Inventions on a DVD only a few years ago and it changed my life. I'm fascinated with Vocal Performance and Bobby really does it the best. He feels it! This track is the one I listen to when I want to get away from it all.

4. Asa | Eye Adaba
What a peaceful and truly beautiful tune. It calms me.

5. Jay-Z | Hola' Hovito
WHAT A TUNE! The Blueprint was the first album that got me into Hip-Hop. There is a Breakdown with Drums and Wah Clavinet at the very end of the track and it kills me when I hear it. Can’t beat that Old Skool Timbaland Production.

6. Kanye West | Family Business
I love the Sample and the Beat in the tune. It's kinda childlike, but Kanye makes it really groove. I like that balance between Magical Sample and Sequenced Beats. It rarely gets done right. Lyrical Content is also dope.

7. Tourist | I Have No Fear
When I saw Tourist Live I think it changed my life. His tracks really take you on an IMMENSE journey. The EP is deep and dark. I love how he builds and the Harmonies kills me!

8. Lion Babe | Treat Me Like Fire
The way these guys use Samples and interact with them is amazing. It's so refreshing to hear Soul/R&B done well today. It's not cheesy at all, which is refreshing. It's just a really Innovative Soulful Groove with Fresh Sounds and Vocals. Hooked me the moment I heard it.

9. SebastiAn | Embody
How this guy achieves his Sounds is beyond me. He manages to squeeze so much Funk into it. Its Simplicity isn’t always obvious, but it really is. It’s a true feat in Production and drives people crazy in a DJ set.

10. Disclosure | Latch (feat. Sam Smith)
Settle LP... I literally can't pick one track of this album. The whole thing is Magnificent. It's crazy how these boys are making such dope Music at such a young age. Inspiring!