WARMER MIXTAPES #907 | by Garrett Crosby [Holly Waxwing/Aegis Boan]

This mix is called Aloe Cloud.
To be enjoyed with Nigori Sake, Aloe Juice or Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water.

1. Co La | Love Nest
Co La's Sampling style is so Intelligent, Fresh and Breezy. He never fails to amaze me. Like the first time I saw Stan Brakhage's Films or heard Steve Reich's Compositions, my first encounter with Co La's Music seemed to be an inevitable imminence. Last summer Soft Power Memento was on repeat for me on slow days in the Sun and at the river. The revving Piano, scattered Dub Drums and Horns in this song will carry you home.

2. Wayne Shorter | Moto Grosso Feio
For some, being Free means giving yourself completely over to Whim and Caprice - Freedom without Care. Wayne Shorter's Moto Grosso Feio is loose and Free, yet very cautious. It is everything I ever wanted from Free Jazz. This was the first used record I ever purchased, and it is still one of my favorite Jazz albums that I have ever heard.

3. Nina Simone | Memphis In June (Hoagy Carmichael Cover)
Sadly I managed to miss out on Nina Simone for most of my life, but now she is probably my favorite Vocalist. I could put this song on Repeat for hours and the goosebumps would never stop coming. This song is so alive that it is tinged with Sadness - the party ended too soon.

4. Virginia Astley | Afternoon: Summer Of Their Dreams
This song is so simple and beautiful. I could live here. It's the first Cover song I taught myself to play on Piano, and I have really wonderful memories of playing this on old grand Pianos in the Practice rooms on Campus.

5. Oneohtrix Point Never | Along
I never totally understood all the hype that Oneohtrix Point Never has gotten until R Plus Seven. Daniel Lopatin is really smart about using Space and Silence in his Music, and the Arrangement/Structure of Along is brilliant. In an interview he said that Electronic Music is an arms race, constantly reappropriating itself at a breakneck pace - he might be winning it.

6. Gal Costa & Caetano Veloso | Avarandado
Gal Costa's Voice is a spell, let it hold you.

7. Susumu Yokota | Blue Sky And Yellow Sunflower
Susumu Yokota is not afraid to use very famous and recognizable Classical Samples in his album Symbol, and he shouldn't be. This song combines Steve Reich's piece Six Marimbas and Debussy's Clair De Lune, two of my favorite Compositions, and he does with great tact. I want to lay in a field of white grape hyacinths and listen to this all day.

8. Pedro Santos | Dual
The Cover of Pedro Santos' album Krishnanda says O Circulo Da Vida, and I think this song is completely appropriate for either a Birth or a Funeral.

9. Prefab Sprout | Wild Horses
If the Synthesizers in the Intro of this song were looped they would be a Contact Lens Beat. I can't imagine that this song won't be strangely familiar to anyone who hears it.

10. d'Eon | Virgin Body
Virgin Body tracks the ascensions of Love and the Corporeal Body left behind.