WARMER MIXTAPES #909 | by Nicholas Salles [Reed Fickly]

1. Eagle-Eye Cherry | Save Tonight 
My All Time favorite song. This is the first song I learned to play on Guitar in the 6th Grade and is what got me interested in Writing and Making Music.

2. Sigur Rós | Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása 
Another piece that really sticks out for me. Sigur Rós is one of a few artists who constantly impress me and who are constantly pushing the Boundaries of Music. Their Instrumentation is near perfect and the Art, their Cinematography, what they stand for, is nothing short of Beautiful. I strive to be like them, but I have more chances of winning the Lottery, LOL.

3. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force | Planet Rock (Vocal)
This was the first song I ever owned on Vinyl. This was when I was in 8th Grade, I had just started messing around with Software and Beat Making. At the time I was really intrigued by the Cover Art, but the Music ended up having Lifelong impressions on me. I realized that Words weren't necessary in Music, and I was so intrigued by the Rhythm and different Percussion elements. My views on Music Making changed and I was inspired to make Beat-esque Music.

4. Flying Lotus | Do The Astral Plane 
FlyLo never stops to amaze me. His tracks have such a lively Organic feel to them. The Synths are always warm and the Vibes are constantly Fuzzy. I'd have to say he's one of my favorite Producers. Definitely has the Creative side of things down and his Off-Beat stuff is ridiculous. This particular track conveys a whirlwind of Soul and Lost Emotions. There's definitely hints of Funk in there. Crispy track to go, will always enjoy this one.

5. Hudson Mohawke | FUSE
Anything on the album is complete Genius. HudMo is a nut and these Drums hit the spot every time. I don't know if it's how he EQs it, the Kit itself, the Reverb, or the Pattern he has it hitting in. You know what, it's most likely all of that at once. Kid is doing big things and he's definitely paving the way for us small guys. This song is a blast of Energy, floaty Leads, and Booming Drums. Love every second of it.

6. Kavinsky | Pacific Coast Highway
This song. So many Vibes. I went through a Retro, 80s-esque phase, and Kavinsky was definitely at the top of my list. This song has it all. It's both catchy and intelligently executed. I could practically taste the Synths with my ears, and let's not forget Kavinsky's amazing Drum work. Guy's a mad man.

7. Culprate | Tentacle
This song is so nutty. It's a flood of crazy elements, Sound Design, and God knows what. Culprate is so crazy on the Drum work - it overwhelms me. Every time I listen to this tune, I pick out something new that I wasn't aware of before. There's a little something for Jungle heads, Bass enthusiasts, Stoners, and Music Lovers of all types.

8. Denez Prigent & Lisa Gerrard | Gortoz A Ran - J'Attends (Black Hawk Down Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
So much Soul in this piece. Hans Zimmer is just a Phenomenal Composer as it is. Everything he touches turns to Gold. The Vocals, and the Space, so much passion. This track brings me to tears if I lose myself in it. Everyone should listen to it alone, away from Judgement. You'll see what I mean.

9. John Lennon | Imagine
Great Lyrics are hard to come by nowadays. John Lennon may have not been the Best, but he sure was the Best at getting a Message across. This song pretty much speaks for what I stand for. This is my dad's favorite song and he always sings it when he has the chance. For that, this too makes it on the list. Simply because it's a part of me regardless.

10. Attack In Black | I'm Going To Forget
Small time Folk band, but their Music speaks Volumes. Such a delicate song, but this song hits a spot on me so deep. I came across this song accidentally a few years back, and I never lost sight of it since. A good occasional listen. So deep, yet so simple. Plus I have a weakness for Finger Picking.