WARMER MIXTAPES #910 | by Stevie McMinn of Mt. Wolf

1. Chris Malinchak | So Good To Me
One of the songs of the Summer. Couldn't possibly get bored of this song...

2. Moderat Let In The Light
We're big fans of the Berlin Music Scene and as Moderat is Modeselektor and Apparat it doesn't get much better than that. Can't get enough of this right now, it's on Repeat.

3. Nosaj Thing | Aquarium
Nosaj Thing is one of the best Producers around and this is his best track. Majestic.

4. James Blake | DLM
James Blake Musically is from Another World, and is a huge Inspiration to us. Taken from Overgrown which he rightfully won The Mercury for this year.

5. The National | Don't Swallow The Cap
Because The National are one of the most consistent bands around at the moment and their new album is brilliant.

6. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | Little Wing
This song is perfect. I was obsessed with Jimi Hendrix when I was younger, and have a hundred Posters and T-Shirts with his face on it. One of the first Artists to make me realise the True Value of Music.

7. Radiohead | Idioteque
Radiohead are one of the Best Bands of All Time, and their Music never fails to inspire. Even if on first listen you think you don't like a Radiohead song, you'll realise some time later that it's a work of Genius, and that you were an idiot for ever doubting them.

8. SOHN | Bloodflows
We saw SOHN at Lowlands Festival in Holland just before we played and have been listening to him ever since. One of the most exciting New Acts around, can't wait to hear his album.

9. Phoria | Red
These guys are supporting us in London and Brighton soon. Two of us (Stevie and Bassi) run a Label - Akira Records, and we released this song earlier in 2013. We might be biased, but we think it's a Masterpiece.

10. Emancipator | Shook (Sigur Rós X Mobb Deep)
Not enough people know about this, but it's Incredible.