WARMER MIXTAPES #914 | by Tseng Yu-Sheng [Conehead 錐頭]

1. Waa Wei | Shangri-La
It's a song with a story... Chasing your Music Dreams is like finding your own Shangri-La... Like a Dreamland, it exist nowhere or in the heart. This is like the most important song to me in my Lifetime, also a reminder of when I was depressed or getting tired in Making Music. It's my Origin, where I started from. Sometimes I dig my Emotion to this song, mostly sad actually. There is a Instrumental version of this song, everytime I listen to it and I reminisce. Oh, yeah, she is a talented Female Vocalist from Taiwan, my All Time Favorite.

2. J Dilla | Time: The Donut Of The Heart 
Dilla definitely influenced everyone who is in this field, right? Everytime I listen to his Donuts album, I found new stuff. This track, I dig the way he use those Vocal Samples, and especially the Slowdown part with a Sexual Sounds Sample. My Main Inspiration.

3. Prefuse 73 | The Only Repeat 
This album, The Only She Chapters, brought me into the Experimental Hip Hop/Electronic field. First time I heard it, it blew me right away. Sound Like Nothing You've Heard Before. Those Choopy Samples, Distortion Electronic Sounds and whatever those out-of-Tone Sounds are squeezed together unbelievably. Unexpectedly that he can build up a Peaceful Sounding World bewteen Chaos. It's like you are covering in a bubble of a Rainstorm. There was a period when I liked to sleep with this song played.

4. Budamunky | Budamunk Funk 
One of my Main influences. Dig his neat, Off Beat, loose Drums. And also the way he drops his unique Bass Sounds gives him an irreplaceable Wonky Groove. Can't stop my head nodding everytime I hear his Beat. This is the first song of him that I've heard and  I was totally in Love with it. Got to mention that Green Butter - Get Mad Realx album of him & Mabanua as well, dooope piece.

5. Sound Providers | The Field 
The very first song that introduced me what Jazz Hip Hop is. Love the Cool Jazz, like Sample in this song, Scratches, Minimal Drums, and Arrangment, Classic Hip Hop ways. It is so simple that it makes me Love it so much.

6. Akira Kosemura | Light 
That was where I met Ambient Music. This kind of Atmosphere makes me relax and feel soothing. I remember, back in that time, I was also in Love with that New Age, Easy-Listening, and Mind-Healing stuff. I think that this is the main reason for the somekind of Mystic Atmosphere I got in my works.

7. Shlohmo | Places
Didn't know the term Lo-Fi before I met this track. This album, Bad Vibes, opened a wide view for me. Love the Sample of those Organic Field-Recording Sounds, Off-Kilter Bass, Kick and the Lo-Fi Noise. Those Emotional Guitars and Ethereal Pads work amazing too, which build up an Imperfectly Perfect Image to me.

8. Nujabes | After Hanabi (Listen To My Beat) 
You know, Nujabes. Like most people, he takes me into the so called Mellow Hip Hop field. Never thought Hip Hop could be so beautiful and graceful before I met his Music. And this is one of my favorite. What makes it so special to me is those Recording Hanabi Ambient Sounds from the begining to the end. Which indeed takes me into the moment. With those old Vinyl-type Vocals and wonderful Piano, Sax Sample. It's like I was just standing there with him, experiencing all of it. It sounds like you are just right in a Hanabi Festival, DJ plays Music, people laugh, talk. And you are out of it, out of the surroundings, you are in a such mood of reminiscing someone. Contradistinction.

9. Saint Pepsi | Private Caller
Simply feeling this track so much, first time I bumped into these Future Funk/Disco/Vaporwave Fusion stuff. Gotta dance to it.

10. Madlib | Funky Blue Note 
Madlib is definitely one of my Biggest Inspirations. How he takes Sample Technics to another level. He Samples Rock, Indian Movies, Radio, Jazz, Blues, everything. Like how he always keep the Avant-Garde mind in the decades. He gives each single Machine Life, speak his mind through every Drum Machine, Samplers stuff. One of the Most Creative Men in Hip Hop History, and all of his Alter Ego project, so Productive. I Love the crazy Drumming in this track. And all the Instruments as well, this is pure Jazz.

+11. World's End Girlfriend | 100 Years Of Choke 
This talent schooled me that Electronic Music is not just a huge pile of Coldwave, Unemotional Sounds. Like how he builds up the Atmosphere with those Ambient Sounds and Pads at the begining, like a Preface of a book. Then those real Instruments, like Guitar, Violin, start to talk, and the Drums start to arouse the feeling. In the half way of the story, it comes to the turning part, the massive hubbub and rapid Drums Sounds starts to take over, just like some big things is going to happen. Finally the Electronic Distortion Guitar comes in as the Lead is followed by countless unknown Noises and Effects. Got that tension of Post-Rock-like Explosion feel all the way to the end. He does depict that kind of Imprefectly Peferct feel excellently. Peace in Chaos and Beauty in Destruction.

+12. Hammock | Tristia
Unreal Pads, huge Reverb Guitar to build up a wall of Sounds. Plus the Story-Telling Violin. That is just my type of Music. No particularly distinct Sounds, all were merged together into a specific Atmosphere with some Main Messages.