WARMER MIXTAPES #916 | by Jane T. [Rushing Silver]

1. Maurice Ravel | Gaspard De La Nuit, Movement 2: Le Gibet (Played by Valentina Lisitsa)
The Chord Structure within this piece is so colourfully dense, while successively moving to the next Chord, in a Time Signature that floats in and out of variations of 4/4, this piece is somber and uplifting, while disorienting the listener sweetly. This excerpt takes me places that no other song has ever taken me. There are so many Expressions in each phrase, proving to me that Words are truly insignificant when it comes to the vast amount of Feelings in the Human Psyche. Once enveloped into the fabric of this Atmosphere, it seems like there are few places left in the Universe to explore.

2. Nicolas Jaar | Why Didn't You Save Me
This is the track I was listening to right before I created The Beta 5. It has so much lavish Electronic Percussion, that I started wondering how I could create a similar active Percussive Background. In an attempt to recreate it, I utilized several Instruments in my house to stitch together a new piece of Material. The outcome is very different, but the Inspiration was necessary, and much appreciated.

3. Max Roach | Triptych: Prayer/Protest/Peace
When I first heard this song on the Ken Burns Jazz Documentary series, in syncopation with black and white riot images from the Civil Rights movement in the 60s, they fit together perfectly, and my ears were never the same. There is so much beauty in Roach's technique, and the bubbling of pure raw Energy within this piece is a testament to the times in which it was born. Timeless in many ways, and quite a unique example of Jazz, but also a realization of how the Human Being is kept prisoner in many ways, by many forces, and yet, there will always be the insatiable desire to break Free. This piece exemplifies a change in Direction, from Start to Finish, professionally executed through each Measure.

5. Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto | The Girl From Ipanema (with Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim) (Pery Ribeiro's 'Garota De Ipanema' Cover)
The rich Chord Structures of this piece, and the continuation of honest Melody with vulnerable Lyrics will keep me listening for years to come. There are no Effects on her Voice, it is pure and simple.

6. Sébastien Tellier | La Ritournelle
Montréal, in the dead of Winter, this is one of the songs that kept me Warm. I Love the extended Introduction, lush Strings, and finally when his Voice begins, it's a sweet return to Humanity. Montréal is just a memory for me now, since I no longer live there, but my heart will always be there. I remember looking up at the sky during one particular sunset, and it was half purple, and I couldn't move, out of Admiration. The Architecture of the buildings mixed with the colors surrounding them, was a place I had only visited in my dreams. This song is a sweet way to revisit it. Now we are through, the beginning was sweet, lost the glue. Panty dropping situations, unsure of ourselves. We create our own Reality with Imagination, and it seems to have manifested itself for Real. Heart breaking Vocals come in... No one can tell, damned if I do... Misunderstanding the Frenchman Singing in English, but it's pleasant nonetheless. Out in the countryside, a town called Farnham, slipping up over the fence, sitting on the edge of the River, smoking with matches in the complete Darkness with a friend. The adventure continued, all the way down the winding roads into a New World. A world I had just begun to understand, Foreign Language, and freezing ice. The Summer was still keeping us warm, and she told me later that Winter, it was the best Summer of her life. There was pitch black, and instantly, Stars shone through, unimaginable distances into Space.

7. John Cage | 4′33″ (Played by David Tudor)
When you are inundated by Noise constantly, it fatigues the ears. That's why I cherish Silence so much.

8. Lightning Bolt | Dead Cowboy 
The drummer, Brian Chippendale, of this particular band has so much Energy and Force, it's always impressive to watch him perform. When I saw them Live at the Rhinoceropolis in Denver, it was a night I will never forget because I also met the musician Sun Pack, and performed with a friend of mine named Disastermath. Denver has an interesting halo above it. I think it’s just Pollution though.

9. Chakachas | Jungle Fever 
This particular track, in my opinion, is a lovely Arrangement of Drums, Horns, Electric Guitar, and Vocals. Sonically, this gives my ears an Orgasm. Delicious Analog articulation.

10. Treasure Mammal | You Glow Girl
It has such Abstract Lyrics, pigs barking as a Beat, the Tone of Aggressiveness in the Singer's Voice, with a nice Falsetto, excellent Break Down/Sections, not just a continuous Loop, with an Electric Distortion Guitar blasting Rhythm. There's an exquisite Glitch in his Voice that propels forward the energy of the track, as well as Samples I've never heard manipulated in such a particular way, and Live Drums in addition to all the Electronics. All of this builds up to a Chaos, unrecognizable Madness, Frustration, and concluding to Bliss.

+11. Rachel's | Water From The Same Source
This is what Falling in Love feels like for me. The Love drug bites me just as hard as it ever did, and the buzz is sending me into the clouds, my kindness rubs onto strangers and I smile without trying. I imagine it must be like being bitten by the Camel-Buffalo-Orangutan-Spider. It's orange, makes my skin crawl, just holding the plastic bucket, inside an explosion of thick webs, hiding underneath dirt and twigs, Mummy style persuasion. Spider Silk is stronger than Silk Worm Silk, in fact, the Cannibalistic Nature of Spiders keep them from being farmed in large numbers, and so we often don't get to enjoy the pleasures of Spider Silk for Clothing. If we did, we could have Silk shirts strong enough to stop bullets. The potency of the Animals in the Animal Kingdom is enough to make me stagger. I am falling victim to the Venom. Not so easy now, when I stop to realize that it's purely Chemicals in the Brain, just misfired Synapses, I can take a breath. And, once bitten, a platitudinous inclination is to shake off the predator, stomp its little guts into the ground. Yet, there is a beauty in the predator, as well as the prey, that seems to be obscured by the Pain.

+12. Robert Glasper Experiment | Dillalude #2 
I am absolutely speechless in how to describe this experience. One distinctive aspect of this track includes the Singer using a Vocoder, and Electric Keytar. Intricate Variations, and this Music is fantastic to have in the background of almost any situation in which I’m trying to concentrate and/or formulate Ideas.

+13. Georges Bizet | Carmen: Act 1, Scene 5: L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Habanera) (Performed by Agnes Baltsa, José Carreras, Samuel Ramey, Leona Mitchell with Metropolitan Opera Orchestra & Metropolitan Opera Chorus, Conductor: James Levine)

L'Amour est un Oiseau Rebelle
Que nul ne peut apprivoiser
Et c'est bien en vain qu'on l'appelle

S'il lui convient de refuser

This is an elegant Poem, Timeless subject, and the Hook is Unforgettable.