WARMER MIXTAPES #917 | by Breon Knight [Illusive]

1. SWV | You’re Always On My Mind
This song right here just melts me and it gives me good vibes about the idea of falling in Love with a girl. I think a lot of my Music actually reflects back on the idea of me being loved. I grew up listening to these Soulful Women and has had a huge impact on me as an Individual.

2. Earl Klugh | Living Inside Your Love 
This is my favorite Melody of All Time pretty much. I think this is the song I want my child to be born too. This song feels me with warmth. The Chords in this song, brings so much happiness to my Soul. I made this the Ring Tone to a girl I’m currently interested in.

3. Kool & The Gang | Summer Madness
This is one of those songs you can put on when you just really came home from a bad day and just puts you in the zone and allows your thoughts to refresh. My mom use to play it when I was younger and I never really understood the depth of which this song had. I think we all as kids don’t really understand a lot of our parents' Music from those times as a kid. Music was really good back then. I really wish Jazz would reemerge.

4. 2Pac | Do For Love (feat. Eric Williams Of Blackstreet)
I remember back in High School when this girl I was dating and she broke my heart in Art Class. I was usually the heart breaker and this song was so relevant to me. I always thought 2Pac was such a Poetic force. I think the Hip Hop game could use more Poetic Activists such as him. He was so gifted in so many levels in the Arts.

5. Nas | If I Ruled The World (Imagine That) (feat. Lauryn Hill)
Back when I was a kid this was the first album I purchased by myself on Tape Cassette. This was the first song I knew every word too. Nas got me through a lot as a kid. I think actually absorbed a lot of the Knowledge he spoke through his words. He was quite an influence on my whole Mental.

6. Slowdive | When The Sun Hits
This is the song, man. It has so much Desire and Emotion in the Lead Guitar and when the Chords come in, man, it's like a rush of Emotions. I sat on the coast line in LA listening to this song at the Sun setting and it was the best feeling in the World.

7. S.Maharba | Afternoon
My friend Amrita introduced me to S.Maharba back in 2011. I wanna say this is one of the songs that inspired me to make Music. I don’t even know why, to be honest. The Tones of this track really spoke to my Soul. The Field Sample in the back with the birds at the beach is so awesome. I have a thing for Melodies like this. I really wish this guy would really more Music.

8. Toro Y Moi | Lissoms
There’s too much to say about the song and this guy in general. He’s an Innovator to this current Time Frame and an Inspiration. It’s like a calm rush of Euphoria. This track is so Inspirational.

9. Burial | Etched Headplate
I heard this track back in 2009 when my friend showed Burial to me. I was kinda new to the whole UK Garage scene during that time. I found out he was using Metal Gear Solid Samples (which is one of my favorite games), it drove me crazy. This is one of the greatest put together songs with Sample stitching Ever, man. It’s just this song speaks directly to your Soul. It’s one of those songs you can put on driving down a dark road with no where to go, looking for Hope. This song has been my Ringtone forever. I sing the Lyrics to it randomly every so often. Burial's Mystique is something to admire as well. Burial is someone I really look up to. Whoever he is and where ever he is.

10. James Blake | I'll Stay
Heard this when it was first released. Now this whole EP could have easily been inside this list, but this is my favorite James Blake song in general. I really Love the Tone and Sound this song has. I really connect with his Vocal Sample choice and the Dryness of the Synths he uses. James Blake means a lot to me and I’m a really big fan of his. I still haven’t seen him in concert and its pissing me off.