WARMER MIXTAPES #919 | by Josh Christopher of IYES

1. Mutya Keisha Siobhan | Flatline (MNEK Remix)
MNEK is a good friend of ours and this remix is one of the best remixes we heard this year. He's an amazing artist and with a great personality. He also helped produce a track of ours.

2. Bipolar Sunshine | Drowning Butterflies
Another friend of ours. This song is beautiful. We think it's his best track so far. He's also hugely talented and our predictions are that he's definitely gonna be big next year.

3. PACT | Hold On (feat. Alice Amelia)
PACT is a really cool producer from Brighton. He's kinda undiscovered at the moment, but his music is great. We like him a lot.

4. Kill Moon | Shine
Kill Moon are also from Brighton.The front girl & singer Izzy is super nice. She's a Rock chick with an awesome voice. Shine is Kill Moon's latest track and it's got a great heavy vibe. They are a band that's definitely worth seeing live.

5. Demob Happy | Sad Disco
On the last night of the Great Escape Festival in Brighton earlier this year, Demob decided to park their van in the middle of a really busy street and play a spontaneous gig, straight from the back of the van. This then turned into a huge street party and became one of the best memories of this year's TGE! Demob are just crazy. They are also genuinely nice people.

6. Tigercub | Centrefold
Tigercub are another amazing Brighton band!!! There's 3 of them and they're all called James. They have great dynamics both on record and playing live. Centrefold is a really catchy tune. They just released an EP so go get it on iTunes.

7. Written In Waters | Hymn
Beth Cannon is a really charismatic front girl and her voice will blow you away. Their music is really Experimental and kinda Post-Rocky. It's all about the live show with this band. They're incredible live.

8. Royal Blood | Come On Over
Royal Blood are Brighton's pride. They're all over NME and getting all sorts of buzz at the moment. Deserved though! Their music is really powerful and loud. Next year big things are gonna happen for them we reckon.

9. Faux Flux | Week Long War
Faux Flux are an upcoming band from our hometown. They supported us on our first Brighton headline show and they were great! What's special about them is that there is just the two of them, a girl called Dem behind the drums and a guy called Alex who sings and samples stuff and does all the rest. Worth listening.

10. CORRUPT | Proper Lady (feat. Clementine Douglas) 
When I moved to Brighton, I lived with this girl for a year. She is an incredible artist and songwriter. Her stuff is a mixture of Jazz and R'n'B, but with a Contemporary twist to it. Her voice is the smoothest thing ever, yet really powerful. She's the missing piece between Corrine Bailey Rae and Ms. Winehouse.