WARMER MIXTAPES #918 | by Stefan Schneider [Stefkovic van Interesse]

1. Sigur Rós | Hannes
It's a song from the Soundtrack for the Documentary Movie Hlemmur which is about homeless people in Reykjavík. I heard the Soundtrack very often before I saw the Movie. I was very into this song, but then I realised the context that this song was about -  one guy who was dying around the making of this Film. I'm everytime very sad when I'm listening to this song, but a little bit happy because this unknown guy is now living forever in this beautiful piece of Music.

2. Brian Eno | Julie With...
I'm really loving the whole Music by Brian Eno. The Ambient and the Glam Rock and his Experimental Jazz Electronics, but this song is my All Time favourite. It calms me down so well from the first Sound in the beginning. He is the real Chameleon of the Music.

3. Ben Frost | The Carpathians
When I was listening to this song the first time I got very afraid. My body was shot by Adrenaline. This Sound is so Raw and Threatening. There is no thinking that it is Music. You're feeling like in a situation where you have to Survive, but you don't know how you get in this. It's amazing.

4. Coil | The Last Amethyst Deceiver
The sad story about these two guys which both already died was giving me every time energy to create Music which is not similar to the expectations of the listeners. This song cleans my head so I can think about new things for my Music. Set the borders down.

5. Peter Broderick | Freyr!
I heard this song very often by driving with the bus through the Baltics for my Tour... Bringing me in a homesick mood, but in the same time feeling to go ahead and do what I want to do. Peter is making big Music for little stories which are big in his little Universe. No Singer was making me so interested in stories which are told in songs.

6. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore | Maximum Black
This band shows me how smooth and cool Dark Music can be. I was standing in my living room at midnight, the whole lights were out in my room, I drank a glass of wine and I was looking outside my window on a big crossroad where it was raining like hell. Big lanterns were spending light to the street and I saw one guy running over the streets. It was like the World was moving in Slow Motion. The Time stood still and I was in this comfortable position to have a nice view on it. Wow.

7. Can | You Doo Right
A train is coming. There is no Beat Machine which is similar to this of Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit. From the middle to the end of this song there is this only Bass and Drum part. This Rhythm is getting so deep in my body that I'm the Beat after it. No drug can catch you like this. Can are making Pure Music. No stories and no Show. It's Music you feel so good. I Love them.

8. Clint Mansell | Death Is The Road To Awe (feat. Kronos Quartet & Mogwai) (The Fountain Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
These next two are the Final songs of the amazing Soundtrack for the amazing Movie The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. This first one is for me like when I'm throwing all my clothes and things away to run into my last Hope for anything. You can see it and you get that this is the one chance, maybe the Last, for something. My heart is going to explode in the end. This song is too big and gets too many emotions Free.

9. Clint Mansell | Together We Will Live Forever (feat. Kronos Quartet & Mogwai) (The Fountain Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sometimes you can't suffer this. And after it... There is this very Minimal piece of Piano and catches you after this journey through your heart. Outstanding Work. I can't believe that this is existing.

10. Jónsi & Alex | Daníell In The Sea
It doesn't sound like Music, more like Pure Emotions. When I'm starting to hear this song my Soul begins to Fly and I'm far away from this World. The problems, the Fear, the Obligations. You'll forget everything. This would be a one time trip for you.