WARMER MIXTAPES #923 | by Alex Mica

1. Chris Brown | With You
This song inspires me every time when I'm listening it. Chris is my favorite Artist and I really made a Cover of this track and others from him when I was in High School. In the future I see me in a Featuring with Chris, but it takes a lot of work to get there, so until then I remain in the Listening stage of his beautiful songs.

2. Avicii | Wake Me Up 
Another track that impressed me is Wake Me Up from Avicii. It's a song in which is transposed the kind of Emotions that their effect will be felt over Time, how the Public begins to perceive in the Essence. In my opinion, the story of this song is the same with mine, because I've had the same thoughts before being a Singer. Certainly is the song of 2013!

3. Beyoncé | Halo
A song that never gets old. Simply, is one of Beyoncé's singles that I like very much. Also, I did a Cover of it when I was a Student.

4. Michael Jackson | Beat It 
In 2010 I recorded this song with George Hora's help. Just Love it. I can say that this is my favorite song in Themes of Videos. Michael's Clips had shown and continue to show like Movies. The Music started from him and I have a big respect for his career. A Veritable Artist. I'm sorry because he went too early from us.

5. Justin Timberlake | Mirrors 
Mirrors is one of the best songs of the year. I can't stop Singing when I hear it! Questionless, will be present in my list of recommendations for long time.

6. Justin Bieber | Take You
Sure, do not forget the guy who makes furore with every song released. As Boyfriend, Beauty And A Beat and As Long As You Love Me, this track keeps me Dancing. Justin remains among my preferences. I'd like to work together with him to see what would come out if we'd combine our ideas.

7. Rihanna | Diamonds 
 No one knows that, but my source of Inspiration for my new song was Diamonds. This single, Stay and Love The Way You Lie are the best from her.

8. P!nk | Just Give Me A Reason (feat. Nate Ruess)
A beautiful song... Really a Beautiful Song. I like True Love also, but it emanates this Inner Peace that we all need sometimes, especially in a relationship. I recommend this to all Lovers and not only.

9. Prince Royce | Already Missing You (feat. Selena Gomez)
Two voices that Blend Harmoniously. It creates that state of Euphoria. From the first listening sent me into a World Full of Love. What can I say more? An absolutely gorgeous track!

10. Passenger | Let Her Go 
The Lyrics, the Instrumental and the Voice constitute a song that I won't get bored with anytime soon. I like Love tracks and that's one of the coolest which I've Ever Heard.