WARMER MIXTAPES #924 | by Iiris Vesik [Iiris]

1. Björk | Isobel
I discovered it through the Best Of album after I had re-discovered Björk through some Estonian Televison Show. I remember from my childhood All Is Full Of Love as I was scared to watch it 'cause I wasn't allowed to watch Porn and I wasn't sure if the video was Porn. Army Of Me is also etched into my mind from when I was a kid randomly looking at TV. To be able to etch oneself even to a 5 year-old's mind with Music and Visuals is something Spectacular that I want to be able to do one day.

2. OutKast | Roses
My teenage Jam. Every time I listen to this song I smile. And damn, they just nail that poor gal. I wanted to hammer some Conservative gals with sharp tongues when I was young. I know better now that I've analyzed them to death. But this song is still awesome. And OutKast is Legend.

3. Peter Gabriel | In Your Eyes
Say Anything... is one of my favorite movies and I adore John Cusack. Lately I've been hooked on that song. It's so light and beautiful and I Love when something makes you feel like constant Sunshine. Plus that image of John Cusack standing under your window with a Boombox blasting that Love song for a girl he so devotedly loves. Ohh. I Love strong Devotional Love and I Love this song. Either this song from Gabriel or Sledgehammer because ,come on, a Pan Flute Hook, quirky naughty Lyrics and a Beat that makes you wanna Bang. Best Flirtatious song ever. I Love it when a song makes you move and like a Sex-God at the same time.

4. Baths | Halls
Or just the whole Cerulean album. I listened to this album when I was madly in Love and all the pieces of my Life were starting to fall together. It was the most Magical Summer/Autumn Ever and every time I listen to songs from this album I just remember being a wizard in a Realm of Recurring Sevens, Midnight romances, dancing in the Moonlight, feeling the heartbeat of a destined Dark Poet, riding on a backseat of a Scooter with the wind in my hair, Water/Light Prints on falling leaves and just feeling like Life is a Magical Dream.

5. Mew | Am I Wry? No
Or just anything from their Frengers or And The Glass Handed Kites albums. They are brilliant. I just saw them Live and they have so many epic songs that are just incredible Live. Also I had a mad crush on Jonas Bjerre. Maybe because the Lyrics were so bittersweet, I've always longed to for someone so Fragile yet so Sensual and Disruptive as Mew's Lyrics are. Plus the Music is at times just epic! EPIC!!!

6. Kendrick Lamar | Swimming Pools (Drank)
I Love the Beat and the Dark Atmosphere is the song. This song (and Kanye West and Missy Elliott) got me looking and discovering Hip Hop. I Love Rap when it's less about chains and more about Life.

7. Bat For Lashes | Siren Song
And the whole Two Suns album. I remember I heard Daniel and I knew I had to buy the album. I felt guilty every time I listened to the songs on the Internet. And this particular song was everything I felt when I was going through a break-up. Or everything I feel when I'm being Evil. And sometimes being (moderately) Evil feels so good. Mmmm.

8. Jeff Buckley | Dream Brother
Or just anything from the Grace album. I still have a huge crush on the whole album and on Jeff Buckley and everything he represented. Love, Death, Grace, Greatness.

9. Boom Boom Satellites | Dive For You
Boom Boom Satellites are truly Magnificent. Their Beats send Electric shocks through my system. Other epic must listen to songs are Push Eject (!!!), Shut Up And Explode, Easy Action, On The Painted Desert. Boom Boom Satellites have always provided the Soundtrack for the Action scenes in my life.

10. Daft Punk | Digital Love
Or just the whole Discovery album. It was the first Album I owned. I got my Grandmother to buy it for me for my Birthday, because I loved that the songs had Animated Music Videos. When I was a kid I liked the first 4 songs. I constantly wondered why the other songs kinda dragged on the length of Hooks. I was a kid. But when I got older and discovered Internet I found out about Interstella 5555 and Anime in general. I was in awe. My life has never been the same. Also as I got older I started to like all the songs on the album and the rest of the songs didn't seem to be boring anymore (my attention-span grew as I got older I guess) I remember having my Walkman on some long bus trips and just listening the whole album over and over again while playing the Movie in my head. I Love Daft Punk and I Love Anime ever since.