WARMER MIXTAPES #927 | by Cosmin Nicolae [Trigga/Deffanition/Cosmin TRG/Com Sin]

1. Igor Stravinsky | The Rite Of Spring (Performed by Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Yoel Levi)
When I was little this was one of my mother's records that I was listening too obsessively (well, this and The Who). I had no idea about clashing Ostinati or how Avant Garde Stravinsky was at the time of Writing; what I was drawn to was the Primitive, Rhythmic Essence of the piece that sounded beautifully belligerent.

2. Basic Channel | Axis
This was pretty much the epitome of Techno for me when I first started receiving transmissions from that Genre. To this day it embodies the things I Love most about this Music and all its signifiers speak to me in a way no other Music does. It's an abrasive piece of Poetry at break-neck speed.

3. 2 Bad Mice | Ware Mouse
There aren't many thing I could say about Ware Mouse. I only wish I could've experienced it first hand when it came about, Live or on a Pirate. I've never been a proper raver, so my relationship to a lot of 'Ardkore is rather Academic, nevertheless this is one of The tracks that have informed My music over the years.

4. Orbital | Are We Here? (feat. Alison Goldfrapp)
I was about 11 or 12 when an older girl gave me this tape of Orbital's Snivilisation and it messed me up quite badly (and irrevocably). Is this from the Future? Is this Drug Music? Does it have any Soul, given there's no Guitars in it? My whole world was upside down and I Loved every second of it. Are We Here? sounded so Psychotic and Mesmerising...

5. Throbbing Gristle | Hot On The Heels Of Love 
Mutant Disco has always been a thing for me – there's something about this tune that manages to gel the dry 4/4 Drum Machine skeleton with the cheesy Synth Stabs, the Bells and the Arp switching Octaves. There's also something that sounds like a whip slashing through the tune – positively Kinky in my book.

6. Marsha Hunt | (Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day
I'm far from a discerning Funk connoisseur, but Marsha is one of my favourite Artists of that era. This record packs an amazing energy and it's predictably seductive. It's also humbling to think about how these records were being Produced and Engineered, they don't make them like they used to...

7. Scarface | Speedy Gonzalez
I'd Love to be able to say that when I was 13 I was hunting for Chicago/Detroit records, but reality is a bit more unforgiving. In '94 I was on a School Trip in Brugge (Belgium) and one of my new Belgian friends passed me Thunderdome III. 200 BPM, Mentasm, Speedy Gonzalez Sample? YES, PLEASE.

8. Tom Dissevelt | Vibration (Produced by Kid Baltan)
This Music was made in 1957, then re-released in 1962 by Phillips. It's not just ahead of it's Time, it's an absolutely incredible piece of Electronic Music that defies any attempt to categorize it. We go back to the 90s and 80s looking for the Roots of Dance Music, but Avant Garde Electronic Music goes so far back, it's unsettling.

9. Vladimir Ussachevsky | Piece For Tape Recorder
This could probably be classed as unlistenable by a significant portion of the Public, and it's possibly quite snobby of me to include it here. Yet this defines my ever Dichotomous Approach to Electronic Music: on the one hand I feel it is designed to Move the Body and create Energy, on the other I think it's imperative to contribute to its Progression through Experiment, wherever that may lead.

 10. Autechre | VLetrmx21 
Autechre is probably a no-brainer on anyone's list. This is the Most Beautiful Piece of Music for Synthesisers Ever Written... I think. Whatever your definition of Great Music is, this track is painfully Evocative and feels like it could (and should) Unravel For Ever. Thank you, Autechre.