WARMER MIXTAPES #932 | by Edward Begley [Ed Begley/Archivist]

1. Aphex Twin | IZ-US
Aphex was one of the first Electronic Producers I discovered, along with Squarepusher and the World of Warp Records. This track makes me think back to Writing Short Plays at School and using Aphex Twin as the Soundscape to a Play I wrote about Pygmies. We won all the Awards. (Must have been the Music.)

2. RadioheadPackt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box
This is such a wonderful Opening to a hugely Influencial Album. I Love pretty much everything about this track; the Instrumentation, the infectious evolving Syncopation and Polyrhythmic everything, the Scene that’s set and the Story with very few words. It's extraordinary.

3. Thom Yorke | A Rat's Nest 
Beautiful Production and Ambience to this tune. I Love the way it grows from the Reversed Piano Loop into the Vocal Melody, and stays simple. This song is onomatopaeic of being caught in a rat's nest, the revolving entrapment of the Cyclical Guitars is really something.

4. The Beatles | I Want You (She's So Heavy) 
I’m a weirdo. I only really discovered the Beatles at University despite having a father from Liverpool! This track is one of those ones that just came along at the right time for me. I was in total Dog mode, my motto being, you can do whatever you want, man. Abbey Road became that Summer's Soundtrack for my fellow Scallywags and I as we drunk, drove and played our way through the vinyards of South East France, singing our hearts out...

5. Bill Frisell | Cadillac 1959 
Bill Frisell is definitely one of the Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Super Sensitive, but also really Filthy and fantastically Humble and almost bashful to watch. Listening to this record usually makes things easier.

6. Björk | Hidden Place
I was introduced to this album by the Norwegian Vocalist Elisabeth Nygåard while taking some lessons from her in Leeds. I remember calling her when I got off the bus after my first listen and just saying what the fuck was that?. Again, like a lot of my favourite tunes, it's the Atmosphere that draws me to this song, not to mention how beautiful Björk sounds.

7. Bob Dylan | Not Dark Yet
Another Major Artist I only got to know once at University. I guess that’s what University is for... If there’s one tune I’d like to Cover properly, it would be this one. It's Not Dark yet, but it's getting there... Such a familiar thought.

8. Jeff Buckley  | Lilac Wine (Hope Foye Cover)
Jeff Buckley has had a huge infuence on my Voice. He was the first Songwriter I heard that had balls, and who tastefully crossed Genres with his Vocal Production. This song is utterly gorgeous and incredibly Soulful.

9. The Jimi Hendrix Experience | All Along The Watchtower  
This and Crosstown Traffic are definitely my favourite Hendrix's songs. They epitomise their Time and feel so good.

10. PJ Harvey | Working For The Man  
That Bass Line. Fuck, she’s Cool.