WARMER MIXTAPES #933 | by Evan Erielle Roman [Evan Roman] of Plum

1. Si*Sé | Slip Away
I found out about this group my Junior Year in Hawaii. A Record Store owner made a CD Mix for me with a Hello Kitty Sticker. We called it the Hello Kitty Mix. It had Portishead, Massive Attack, Esthero, White Stripes, and many others. Coming from the Midwest I had never heard of any of these people or the type of Music they played. Si*Sé in particular was so Dark and Moody and Sexy and Melodic. This song followed me to New Mexico for College and is definitely tied up with a long Love of mine. It then continued with me to Colorado and tied itself to a deep Friendship. It's just that song. The one that gave me Permission To Do Me.

2. Citizen Cope | Sideways
Sad and Repetitive. Not much more to it. Does the trick every time.

3. Massive Attack | Paradise Circus (with Hope Sandoval)
This song is Sex. And the Video throws the whole Experience over the Edge.

4. Solomon Burke | Cry To Me 
A lot of my Life has been made up of Fantasy. Cry To Me is a huge part of that. Pretty much every guy I've ever been attracted to has re-enacted this scene from Dirty Dancing. Of course, this has all been in my head. This song... On repeat... Recreating all the steamy Dirty Dancing I would never have.

5. OutKast  | Liberation (with Cee-Lo, Erykah Badu, Joi Gilliam, Whild Peach)
Full of Flavor. No other song has so many Singers/Rappers I adore.

6. Young Bleed | The Day They Made Me Boss
This was a huge song in St. Louis in Middle and High School. The Beat is just dumb. It makes you make the nastiest face imaginable. I have yet to meet a person outside of St. Louis (even true Rap connoisseurs) who know this song. Baffling.

7. Mazzy Starr | Fade Into You
What can I say. I was born in the 80's and I'm a Girl. It's one of those songs that takes you in from the first Note. So Dreamy and Warm. I also just admire Hope Sandoval as an Artist and because she incubated with her most recent album for 15 years.

8. Ginuwine | Pony
In Middle School we used to go to this Underage Club called Club Energy. We'd wear short white shorts and Wooden Candies. I got my first hickey there and GRINDED. FOR REAL. Pony was a huge part of that... Everyone looked forward to that moment of Sweaty Goodness.

9. Joan Osborne | What If God Was One of Us
 You can't get anymore Pop in my book. I had many A Slow Dance, Spin The Bottle, And Seven Minutes In Heaven to this song. Great Hook.

10. Donna Summer | In Another Place And Time 
The entire album: Another Place And Time... Truly one of my All Time Favorite Albums. Not many people know about this one. I know every word to every song.