WARMER MIXTAPES #934 | by Claudiu Dan Nergheş [Loud Empire/KLYDE]

1. Matisyahu | Jerusalem (Out Of Darkness Comes Light)
I can’t possibly pick a favorite song from him because I Love everything he does. Matisyahu is my Favorite Artist of All Time. But this was the first song I heard from him so I guess this will always be No. 1. Not everyone will understand Matisyahu’s Music, but on me it had such a big impact. I feel like I’m a different person ever since I discovered his Music. I’m not a Religious person, and his Music is not about Religion, even though he may have some Spiritual Themes in his Lyrics, but it connected to me on a different level. I appreciate the fact that his Sound is Always Changing, from his Reggae roots in songs like Time Of Your Song, to his more Commercial new stuff like Live Like A Warrior.

2. Bon Iver | Blood Bank
I discovered Bon Iver by accident with this song and it felt like a Revelation. Since then they are my favorite band. Justin Vernon (the Singer) is a Musical Genius and he knows exactly how to touch your heart with his Music. To me, the Emotion in his Voice combined with the Raw Sound of the Electric Guitar truly makes Blood Bank a Perfect Song. If only people would appreciate Real Music in Romania, this would be the type of Music I would Love to make the most.

3. James Horner | The Portrait (Titanic Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Even though this one is an Instrumental Track, I think it’s the Most Amazing Soundtrack Ever Written For A Movie. Everybody loves Titanic, but it wouldn’t be what it is without it’s Music. The Piano is my favorite Instrument, and this Melody is heartbreaking, but in a beautiful way. Rose’s Theme is another winner from the Soundtrack. I find it very Inspiring and Nostalgic at the same time.

4. Coldplay | The Scientist
This is my favorite Coldplay song, it’s a Classic. One of the Best Songs Ever Written. I think everyone can relate to the Lyrics and the effort of a relationship. Maybe this song has a different meaning for everybody, I don’t know why it’s called The Scientist and I don’t want to. I’ve always liked to think that it’s about a Scientist who, while trying to find the Formula of Love, ended up finding the Formula of Heartbreak. It’s more beautiful that way.

5. Armin Van Buuren | This Is What It Feels Like (feat. Trevor Guthrie)
This song is special to me because it was my Audition for the X Factor. Everybody liked my version of this song (I recorded a Cover with N-Tone, Music Producer) and the feedback was more than positive. Some people liked it better than the Original, so that’s awesome. It’s a Perfect Party Starter.

6. Frank Ocean | Thinkin Bout You (Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg)
Frank Ocean is very Cool. He should be more famous than he is. I like the Original Version of this song, but this Remix takes it to a whole other level. It brings out the true Emotion and Feeling of the song. We’re all thinking about someone.

7. TV On The Radio | Wolf Like Me
The Soundtrack to an awesome Movie, Never Back Down. I’ve seen it many times and the Training Scene with this song always makes me wanna go to the Gym. The Rhythm, the Beat, the Melody, the Voice, everything is Uplifting and gets me pumped every time.

8. Florence + The Machine | Shake It Out
One of this band’s best songs without a doubt. A happy Melody with Depth and great Lyrics. They are all very talented, their Sound and Florence’s Voice are Out of this World. Their Music Videos are so Artisticly Beautiful and I Love the Image they’re going for. I’m still not sure Florence Welch is Human.

9. Thriving Ivory | Angels On The Moon
This song to me is about Leaving Your Mark In This World And Being Remembered For Something. His Voice is Different and very Interesting and Every Word Sounds full of Emotion. Eveytime I listen to it I get goosebumps. I would like this to be my Funeral Song.

10. Michalis Hatzigiannis | To Kalokairi Mou
I Love Greece. It’s my favorite country. I like the Language, the Food, the People, Everything. My dream is to wake up in the morning and smoke a cigarette in Santorini. To me this is the ultimate Summer song. My friends and I listened to it so many times we know all the words, but we have no idea what they mean.