WARMER MIXTAPES #939 | by Will Cole [Sylix]

1. 16bit | Skullcrack VIP 
Ever since I first heard this song I absolutely loved it. The Intro with those powerful Horns and the crazy Middle-Eastern Guitar thing is just beautiful. The Drop just hits so hard and the Rhythm for it is awesome. I’ve always been a fan of Syncopated Music and that’s something you don’t hear a lot these days. I’m still gutted that 16bit split up.

2. Cake | When You Sleep
I first heard this song when I was about 7 years old and it takes me back. I had never heard anything like it before. The Lyrics are just hilarious, but overall the song is super Chill. This song and band will hold a special place in my heart for a long time.

3. Nero | My Eyes
First of all I Love Nero and all of their Welcome Reality album. It’s one of the few EDM albums that all the songs actually work together and you can listen to it straight through without it sounding like just a collection of songs. Now for the song, it’s just straight up awesome. I Love the Vocalist, she is always top notch. And the Production on the song is just Classic Nero and it’s great!

4. HIM | Right Here In My Arms
About six years ago I used to pretty much just listen to HIM. I’m not normally a fan of Metal, but I don’t know if you could call them Normal Metal. Ville Valo’s Lyrics do have an edge to them, but they are still pretty Soft at the same time. It’s hard to explain. I’m really glad to have heard HIM.

5. Cinnamon Chasers | Luv Deluxe
The Music Video for this is so well done and I think it may be the best part of the song. Luv Deluxe has Cinnamon Chasers usual Chill vibe, but it’s done quite a bit better than their others. It’s a lot more Upbeat than their other stuff and the lack of their usual slow drawn out Vocals definitely helps.

6. Bassnectar | Boomerang
Bassnectar was the first EDM Performance I ever saw and it was incredible. His Live Shows are one of the best I have ever seen and he genuinely cares about making the experience as good as it can be for his fans. When I heard him play Boomerang on his massive System it blew my mind. It is such a hard hitting song, but it also takes you on a journey.

7. Kid Cudi | Mr. Rager
How could you not be a fan of Kid Cudi? Honestly all his Music is amazing. It has such a nice unique Voice and his Instrumentals are Spaced Out and Magic. Mr. Rager might take the top spot for Kid Cudi’s ability to make you feel like you are going somewhere far away and different. I’ll always Love this song.

8. Danny Byrd | Tonight (feat. Netsky)
I’m always down for some uplifting D'n'B. Danny Byrd and Netsky NAILED it on Tonight. There is no way you could feel down while listening to vocals that explain Tonight’s gonna be the night where the Moon and the Stars and the Stage are shining bright. I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to have a good time and just the mention that it’s going to be tonight is enough to bring everybody to their good place.

9. Kid Sister | Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
This was the first ever Dubstep song I heard and it absolutely blew my mind. The Intro of the song is very disorientating and that is definitely Rusko’s style. The Bassline is so simple, but Simplicity is always a good thing in Music because it makes it easy to follow along. This song introduced to me Dubstep and Rusko. Because of that, I will never forget this.

10. Pixies | Where Is My Mind?
This song is so Chill and and absolutely takes my on a journey every time I hear it. Throughout this Masterpiece it feels like the energy is always building until it is released at the Chorus where you heard Where is my mind?... And you have no clue because you lost it somewhere along this great song.