WARMER MIXTAPES #938 | by Adam Zasada of Dazed

1. John Tejada | Farther And Fainter
This song makes me feel like nothing else. It's Sound is very subtle, but in the same time it is very Powerful and Emotional. I believe that this is the Best Composition in Electronic Music Ever Created. Played on Loop, it never ends.

2. Chaos In The CBD | I'm Loosing You
For me Music is all about Emotions. Here the Vocals say it all. Sad, Dark and Hopeless, but in the same time very Sexy. This tune makes Miracles on a Dancefloor.

3. Blockhead | Triptych Part 1
There is no greater Love, than Love to Music. When I am listening to this song I always feel like hypnotized. Feeling everything and paying attention to every detail. Being in a Trance.

4. The Dave Brubeck Quartet | Georgia On My Mind (Hoagy Carmichael And His Orchestra Cover)
The Cover by Ray Charles is fabulous, but Dave's Interpretation is much more Gentle. Very Delicate and Romantic. Builds up very slowly until the moment when the Magical Trumpet arrives after 2 minutes of a subtle Rhythm. Positive and Romantic, makes you want to fall in Love.

5. Krzysztof Komeda | Moja Ballada
A Genius. No words can describe. Elegant, Simple and Mature.

6. Viadrina | Shining
Hard Kick throughout a Chilly tune, makes it a perfect Warm-Up song. It makes people shake their booties.

7. Ben Pearce | What I Might Do (Harry Wolfman Remix)
Very Deep, kind of Housey vibe. I Love to play such stuff. Lots of Air in this track.

8. Matador | Kley

9. Dr. Dre | High Powered
With the Drop of the Synth I can feel that the Producer of this song had a gun in his pocket. Real Gangsta Shit. Genious Production.

10. Queens Of The Stone Age | The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret
One of my favorite songs from times in which I used to play in Rock bands. Whatever you do, don't tell anyone. Reminds me of a Unity that a band makes. Now working alone, it feels very different. But still, making Music always feels very good to me.