WARMER MIXTAPES #941 | by Tudor Rusu [Jus Playin] of Night Deejays

1. Ron Caroll | Bump To Dis (Bart B More Vs. Bingo Players Remix) 
I heard this song for the first time in a Night Club when I was studying the Music Market. I fell in Love with it just because it has a big Sound and it made the Club go crazy. Also I was little back then and the whole Night Life was really impressing for me. Since I Love the Moon more than the Sun, I became compelled.

2. Eskmo | Cloudlight
People think I always bang my speakers to the walls with House Music and I can assure you that this statement is wrong in so many ways. I listen to everything, and doing that I discovered this wonderful track created by a wonderful Artist. Whenever I hear this song I’m getting instantly teleported to some Wonderland of mine, me automatically smoking a cigarette and watching the clouds from the top of a mountain.

3. Reboot | Caminando
Sometimes in Life you feel Alone, or Disappointed or any other Sad Feeling, and it keeps bugging you till you give up. Well, I can’t say that about me. Music controls my feelings and I’m aware of that. All I have to do is play one of my favorite songs and I’m back on track. This is the most accurate track when it comes to that, you can’t just listen to it like it means nothing, even if you try.

4. Mastiksoul & Gregor Salto | Toca Bunda (Chocolate Puma Remix)
Yes. Tribal Drums, Weird Rhythm, but it gets the job done. When I have to play somewhere this is a must in my playlist and I don’t care if it’s a Classical Music Concert or Dubstep Club, no, I just play this track. Works everytime. Crowd goes mad, chairs are lonely and Heat is rising.

5. WTF? | Chicken
I consider this song very Artistic even if it’s made only of simple Electro Sounds. It seems simple, but on a closer listen it’s very detailed and complicated. I have always been a fan of deadmau5 and always have been watching his Livestream where he broadcasts his Studio life. My favorite part is when he tweaks the knobs on those wall sized Analog Synthesisers.

6. Patric La Funk | Xylo (Bingo Players Remix)
Xylo, a song I’ll never forget. The everything part is Funky and Danceable and pretty, but the one part that stands out is the Xylophone part. Everything I listen to is related to Night Clubs, but not the Night Clubs from today, the Night Clubs from 3-4 years ago. Yes, the time when we went to the Club to Dance instead of having a best watch or car keys competition and bathroom photo sessions.

7. Stimming | Kleine Nachtmusic
If you haven’t heard of Stimming you should look him up now. He is something different and really standing out. His songs are simple yet detailed, they express strong feelings and are the clearest works of Art I have ever heard. Kleine Nachtmusic is their dad, you can not listen to it without at least moving your head or leg slightly to the left and right. I learned a lot from Stimming’s Music. Actually, this guy changed the way I work radically, me being more detailed and careful with my songs because now I believe in Quality over Quantity.

8. Paul Kalkbrenner | Azure
Remember my Wonderland? This time it’s the Sunset. If you want to feel something you never felt before take a listen to Azure, you’ll see.

9. Justin Martin | Don't Go (Dusky Remix)
Yes. It’s the Harp at the end. That’s just something impressive, it brings back all the good memories I had with my girlfriend. I was listening to this song everytime I went to my girlfriend’s place, I didn’t even realize until it occured to me that I do it everytime. Her place at that time was exactly on the shore of the Black Sea. Those strong and cold Winter Winds which I fought just to see my girl still want to get to me. And yes, I Love You, babe, if you’re reading this.

10. Riva Starr | In Da House Tonight (feat. DJ Sneak) (Noir's Miami Gangsta Mix)
The Perfect Booty Stimulator. Simple Bassline, simple Drums, simple Sounds, but the feeling is so complex. It reminds me of the Summer of 2013, it was a very long Summer with a lot of things going on and I must admit that it was the most grow up experience for me. Good memories, bad memories, this song always put everyone in the mood and made them Shake and Dance 'til the Sunrise.