WARMER MIXTAPES #942 | by Adam Larstone [embre/Netick/proche.]

My favourite songs kinda vary on genres. I spent a large period of my time with Electronic Music just kinda honing in and finding my favourite Genres or Styles.

1. kidkanevil x Daisuke Tanabe | Frogs In A Well
My buddy Andrew (aka Calmpound) sent me this a long time ago, when I was first getting in to the Chill/Experimental Beats scene. Calmpound seems to have the same sorta Musical interests that I have, and is the one that I blame for this weird taste in Music that I Love so much. I had discovered Trip Hop and was very much enjoying that Chill, kinda Slow and Sampled aspect of Electronic Music, and I let him know what I was enjoying at the time (which was mainly Ta-ku) and he sent me the Bandcamp link for Kidsuke, which is a collab album between kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe and I fell in Love with the album. Frogs In A Well is my favourite tune of the entire album though, mainly because it's just so Minimalist and the Percussion is so out of the norm and Natural Sounding, along with most of the song. I owe my Love, Passion and Inspiration of Making and Listening to Beats to this very song. I listen to it everyday and never ever get tired of it.

2. Banks | Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)
I first heard this while I was listening to a lot of Trip Hop. I had come along Snakehips Soundcloud and listened to a lot of their Remixes and Originals, and this one is the only one that seemed to stick in my head for days at a time. It kinda has this charm to it that I Love and can't seem to forget. Really great piece of Music.

3. Joe Ford | Bring The Bass
Man, this song... Joe Ford makes some of the most ridiculous Neurofunk Basses I've ever heard. I have no idea how this man does it, but damn, does he do it well. I used to be so in to Neurofunk and Glitch Hop, not so much anymore, but this song stuck with me.

4. Jonwayne | Be Honest
This is one of the most Natural, but Electronic songs I have ever heard. It's bears the almost perfect amount of Balance between Natural Sounds and Saw Waves. The Percussion is genius, and the whole song just gives you this feel good Sensation. It is one of the most Minimalistically Beautiful songs I've ever listened to.

5. Neville Bartos & Lorenzo | Coke Diet
My friend Sam and I went to go DJ at a House Party, and his Set was after mine. I played a set of Glitch Hop and when I was done I cleared my gear and he started his. His entire Set consisted of Jackin House. No fucking clue at what point that night I decided that I was in Love with the Genre, but hoooly tits, it's the only genre of Music that you can literally do any Repetitive Body Movement on the Dance Floor to the Beat of the song and still have it look like a proper Dance. Damn, do I Love Jackin House.

6. Ta-Ku | Day 3
The Vocals in this track are incredible, and this whole album was kinda the album that made my Musical Focus Transition from Dubsteppy/Electro/Glitch Hop to Trip Hop, Hip Hop and Beats. This is personally my favourite song from the album though.
7. kidkanevil | Mekaviolinist 
This is the weirdest, most satisfying Beat I've ever heard. I always seem to try to make Aggressive, Odd Beats like kidkanevil did in this album (Tokyorkshire Research Inc), but I can never get them to sound even close to how perfect his do. I will keep trying indefinitely and maybe one day I'll come close.

8. kidkanevil | nahmsayin 
Yet another kidkanevil Beat. His Music just seems to cover all the bases of my Beats addiction. I Love how Minimalist but Aggressive this one is. Not much to say about it.

9. Mr. Carmack | ryukushima
This track chills me out like no other track can. It makes me wish I could Freestyle. I listen to it way too much, which still isn't enough. Mr. Carmack makes some crazy shit. The way he Produces his tracks are a work of Art.

10. Go Yama | Bottom Ramen
This is such an insane track, I don't even know how to describe it. Go Yama kills it with almost every track he releases. His remix of the Reading Rainbow Theme is still one of my favourites as well.

+11. Said The Whale | On The Ropes 
This may not be EDM, but God Damn. I listen to purely EDM, which some people might say is Hypocritical, but I just don't seem to enjoy much other Music. But, Said The Whale is the only band that has pulled me out of that EDM-only Musical Style. I listen to them constantly, and their entire album Hawaiii is wonderful. I am in love with Said The Whale.

+12. 12Gauge | 00120
This track is my favourite Crossbreed track ever. So many people hated on 12Gauge for this release, but it is fucking GENIUS. I think so anyways. That Kick is incredible, and the Glitchyness of this track just makes me Love it even more. Big ups 12Gauge.

+13. Martin Garrix | Animals (McMaNGOS Funnymals Edit)
Fucking McMaNGOS. I don't even know what to say, other than this track made me cry from laughing so hard. Just go listen to it.