WARMER MIXTAPES #945 | by Brennen Bryarly [option4]

1. Justin Jay | The Dip
This track really meant a lot to me when I first heard it played. My good friend Brett played it for me while he was DJ'ing in my bedroom and I instantly fell in Love. Just the Throwback Vox and deep Bassline really made me take note... Then I started playing it out and it went over HUGE every show... What ended up sealing the deal for me though personally was when I met Justin. The kid blew me away with how talented and respectful he was. Right away I recognized that he was going to be big and now we don't catch up that often anymore because he's busy Touring the World. I'm huge fan and every time I think about this tune it brings me back to the early days when things were just getting going...

2. Fatboy Slim | Song For Shelter
This song... Changed my Life. Basically. One of the First Electronic Albums I Ever Purchased and this was BY FAR my favorite song. I had it on repeat for months. House Music really became meaningful to me at this time and I finally got away from the Ravey Trance stuff and dove into deep proper Soulful House. This is the one that did it for me. I've never played it out, but I'm waiting for the right moment to. The right crowd. I sincerely look forward to the day it happens...

3. Radiohead | Everything In Its Right Place
First tune that converted me into a Radiohead fan. I'm generally a very Positive person, but every now and again I'd get a little down and this band was awesome to listen to when that happened. Gigamesh made an AMAZING Remix of it a couple years back and I pretty much played it every set I could. It always was a pretty Emotional peak in the sets for me.

4. Armand Van Helden | Flowerz (feat. Roland Clark)
This was also a tune that changed my Musical Life. It's like 9 minutes long or something! However it's in my humble opinion one of the Best House Tunes Ever Written. I get Nostalgic thinking of it. It reminds me of this awesome road trip I took up to Vancouver with my best friends when I was 19. We left from Colorado and drove for days. One of the best couple of weeks of my life and I doubt this track was played no less than 300 times.

5. Thievery Corporation | Heaven's Gonna Burn Your Eyes
Without a doubt their best tune to date. There will be nothing that tops this song for me as long as I live from them. I remember driving back from a party once and almost falling asleep at the wheel... It was like 6am and the Sun was coming up. This song came on in the car and it took me to an amazing place. I guess in a way this song saved my life.

6. Bit Funk | Rap Music
First track I ever found of Stephen's. Obviously a complete Classic. I met him at SXSW a couple years back to tell him so. We stayed in touch and are now real close friends. I talk with him all the time. This was the tune that did it though. I have a real good friend now actually because of this tune. Amazing how Music works that way, eh?

7. Disclosure | Control (feat. Ria Ritchie)
First tune I had heard of theirs. Obviously the rest is History, but I knew they were going to be big the second I heard it. I called my roommate in to listen. He wasn't really impressed, haha, but I knew they were on to something. I got to play with them a few months later when they came to the States and it goes down as one of the funnest shows I've played to date.

8. Bondax | Gold
I actually had never heard of Bondax until I got booked to open for them. I went on Tour last year and it was definitely a baller on a Budget type Scenario. Fortunately Will Eastman over at U-Hall was kind enough to book me on a Support Slot for this show. I met the boys and we had a BLAST that night. Not too long after that one of my real close friends Pete (Moon Boots) did an amazing Remix of this tune and it fit my sets perfectly so I was rinsing it most of the year. These Bondax kids are the real deal. This tune will always remind me of missing flight after flight on that Tour. Ha!

9. Shadow Child | String Thing
Let's just be honest. First time I heard this song it gave me literal CHILLS. The day it came out my good friend over at Beatport sent me the link to listen to it. Apparently it had sat on Soundcloud for 3 months unsigned! I tweeted him immediately and told him it was a Hit Record. It was released by Dirtybird and within weeks was in the Overall Top Ten. I played it out a LOT and it always did well. I'm friends with him to this day. I pretty much support everything he makes since.

10. LOL Boys | Changes (feat. Heart Streets)
They're no longer around as a duo, but this song is just... Well, it's heartwarming. I loved the tune when I first heard it and booked Jerome LOL as soon as I could get him to Denver. The track is simply beautiful, however it was the MUSIC Video that blew me away. I get Emo watching it, haha. Something about bringing People Together for projects all over the Globe that really resonates with me personally. I envy this Video. I wish I was in it. This tune is simply Unreal. One day when I get some time I'm going to Remix it and send it over to him to see what he thinks. In fact I'll do that right now.