WARMER MIXTAPES #946 | by Adam Kaye and George Townsend of Bondax

SIDE A | by George Townsend

1. Arctic Monkeys | A Certain Romance
From the first time I heard this song it has always been my favourite song. To me it is not just because of how it sounds or what the Lyrics say, but because of the memories it reminds me of and sometimes that's all you want in a piece of Music.

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers | By The Way
Used to rinse this track like it was keeping me alive, so for that reason I can't miss it out.

3. Claude VonStroke | Who's Afraid Of Detroit?
Sort of caught onto this track as I got into more Bass Driven Music and it's not far off being my ideal Club track. It was one of the first tunes I ever heard in a Club so that also makes it one of those tracks to remember for me. Genius in it's Simplicity.

4. Bonobo | Recurring
To me this tune too represents a feeling of Pure Liberty and Hope. It gives me a sensation that very few things in the World do, never mind other songs. It's a Masterpiece and Bonobo's greatest track in my opinion, although there are a lot of great Bonobo tracks.

5. Richard Hawley | Just Like The Rain
Mostly I don't like to be patronised by Lyrics, that's why I Love Electronic Music and the Freedom it gives. But in this case the Lyrics mean something to me and so this track does.

6. Zomby | Digital Fauna
Absolutely Incredible and Inspiring piece of Electronic Music.

7. Jesse Boykins III | Tabloids (Machine Drum Remix)
To me this is practically the perfect Summer tune and has been the Soundtrack to a few of mine.

8. Jamie xx | Far Nearer
I have had a few great moments with this track. Not the most exciting, but the one I remember the greatest was waking up after a House Party and having to get a reasonably long train journey home on my own. I had the Original Rip of this track on my phone and I can remember playing the track on repeat for pretty much the whole journey. It was a typical English Autumnal day, perfectly matched with a pounding headache. By the end of the journey I could've recited every word of the awkward interview at the end. The tune still hasn't grown old to me though and I don't think it ever will.

9. Sunship | Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It) (feat. Anita Kelsey)
I'm too young to have been part of the UK Garage thing, but if I could go back for one track this would be it. It's one of them tunes all my mates know and I've had some good times to. If it doesn't make you wanna dance you're silly.

10. Deep Forest | Sweet Lullaby
Probably the largest Influence on the Music we make from my side of things. This and Moby are the Sounds I remember growing up on.

SIDE B | by Adam Kaye

1. LCD Soundsystem | All My Friends
This song is probably my favourite song, and it's one I always have a moment with when I listen to it. It manages to encapsulate every Emotion I've ever felt within the Repetition of two Chords and there's not many songs in the World that can do that, I don’t think. I was lucky enough to see LCD Live before they split and their Performance of this was ridiculous.

2. MJ Cole | Crazy Love 
In Dance Music terms, to me (and I'm pretty sure to George too), MJ Cole is the Don. Sincere is such an Incredible album and some of the ideas are still relevant this present day, so it's crazy to imagine that it was released in 1999. This song is just a Jam in all senses of the word, Elisabeth Troy's Vocal kills it too.

3. The Roots | The Fire (feat. John Legend)
I'm obviously not old enough to have heard the Roots back in their day, so How I Got Over was the first album I got by the Roots, and I loved it from the first listen. This song in particular stood out for me, one of the most Powerful on the album, it made me delve deeper into older, more Classic Roots stuff.

4. Julio Bashmore | Battle For Middle You 
I remember when this was released... I had just got a copy a few days before - me, George and some mates went out for my 17th and the DJ dropped this and I had a total shiiiiiitttt moment, huge tune.

5. Mos Def | Sex, Love And Money 
I can’t remember the first time I heard Mos Def, it was definitely a good few years after The New Danger was released, and I don’t think that album is his best work in light of Blackstar and The Ecstatic, but it's definitely underrated, this song especially. I remember hearing this song and loving everything about it, that crazy Flute added with Mos’ Flow is insane.

6. Alicia Keys | You Don’t Know My Name
Alicia Keys is a Complete Heroine of mine, and this song is so beautiful, her Vocal is outstanding and the piano at 0.36 is so dreamy, gives me the chills. Pretty much sums up for me how Music can tell a story and make you feel like someone else for the short duration of a song.

7. John Legend | Used To Love U 
This is probably my perfect Pop song, it's just one of those great Middle-Finger-Up-At-The-Girl Who-Broke-Your-Heart songs. John’s Vocal on it is so good, the amount of different Harmonies and different Melodies all at the same time almost remove the need for other Instruments.

8. Simon & Garfunkel | America
I remember nicking a Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits LP from my grandma's house a few years back and I instantly thought this song was a Masterpiece, makes me feel like a wayfarer in the 60s.

9. The National | Conversation 16 
I could rant for hours on this song and the majesty of High Violet, but I'll just say it's one of my favourite songs off one of my favourite albums by one of my favourite bands. I was afraid I’d eat your brains gets me everytime.

10. Bonobo | Recurring 
I know George put this song as well, but it's probably the song that first got me into all the Chilled Electronic stuff I listen to today. I first heard it after a mate got me to download it for him before we went on a School trip to China together as he didn’t have an iPod so we shared headphones. This song + Street Lights on the Dark Roads of Shanghai, was something else.