WARMER MIXTAPES #947 | by Félicia Atkinson of Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier

Photo by Bernd Reiss

1. Neil Young | Revolution Blues
Each time I hear this song something is shivering in me. I Love Neil Young, I listen to him everyday. It is like the Music of COURAGE to me. Each time I need to Courage I listen to him and everything is fine. Give me a coffee, a bagel and On The Beach by Neil Young and I am happy for the day.

2. Michael Hurley | Werewolf
I always thought that playing as Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier was a way to change in the night, like a Werewolf. I like also the Cat Power Cover of that song. I find also the werewolves interesting in the TV Show True Blood, but here what is nice in the song it is that it's like a sad werewolf, the Music is not nasty, it's Melancholic. I am amused by the image of a Melancholic Werewolf.

3. Smog | Nineteen
I like songs that tell Stories because I never do so in my Music. If you listen carefully to this song you have a whole Movie in front of you. If I was a Cinematographer I would definitively do an entire Film about this guy who is only 19, and so relieved to be beating 20. And he meets this girl, and let her in the snow, and then... Well, I won't tell you. You need to listen.

4. Low | Lullaby (Demo)
From A Lifetime Of Temporary Relief. This is the song that made me want to sing sometimes. Each time I sing something in fact I sing secretly this song.

5. Nico | Le Petit Chevalier
This is the song that gave the name to my band Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier. Nico was a sad and absolutely beautiful Heroine of a Lost Time, when Deserts were on Fire and Horses were lead by Little Princes.

6. Palace Music | O How I Enjoy The Light
I was so inspired by this song. I feel this song like a Psalm to Think about Everyday.

7. Grouper | Alien Observer
Tomorrow I will do my best to have a ticket to see Grouper playing. Her Music is a Blessing. Thank you, Liz Harris.

8. Brigitte Fontaine | Il Se Passe Des Choses
Brigitte is crazy and wild and scary and I Love this. This is from her record from the 60's. The Lyrics are amazing. She plays with Words so nicely and she is never ridiculous when she sings in French, which is great.

9. Mellow Candle | Reverend Sisters
This is a band from the 70's I like especially in Spring. It feels like let's make a white dress and dance in the trees!...

10. Townes Van Zandt | I'll Be Here In The Morning
This is the song I sing every morning when I take my shower. It makes me happy, and helps me to wake up with a heart full of Joy.