WARMER MIXTAPES #951 | by Yousef Al-Qassam [Joey Massa]

1. Daft Punk | Around The World 
This was the first Dance record I remember hearing. I remember being so creeped out of the Music Video for some reason. Although today it's one of my All Time Favorites.

2. Gorillaz | Clint Eastwood
This was the first CD I bought. I remember it was a couple of days before I got sent out to Summer-Camp and throughout the whole Camp-time I played the track over and over again. By the end of Camp I was known as the GorillASS because everyone were just so tired of that song. I never got tired of it though. I still listen to it and many other tracks from them. Huge band for me!

3. Justin Timberlake | SexyBack (feat. Timbaland)
And My Love. These two tracks are huge for me. First of all, such amazing Productions! Goes into my list of All Time Favorites. I choose to put them in the same place because they both remind of a Summer I spent with my best friend Peter. We put them both (and some other tracks) in some Mix-CDs we did back then. I think that particular Summer had a big Impact on the Bromance me & my dawg have towards each other. Today I see him as a family member & my right hand. He is also my #1 Cameraman on Tour.

4. Looptroop | Long Arm Of The Law
This was a period I had first year in High School. I just discovered Swedish Hip-Hop & had all Looptroop, Promoe, Timbuktu & Chords albums on full repeat. I knew all the Lyrics in my sleep. Despite this mad Hip Hop with Lyrics speaking against the Society I still found Peace through their Music & it kinda made me survive the first year.

5. John Dahlbäck | Pyramid
This track brought me back the the Dance scene a bit. For me this is an Immortal track, released through John's old but epic Label Pickadoll Music. I started getting into the Club Music Scene more & more because of this track. Also John Dahlbäck's cousin or some shit went to the same High School as me so his Music spread for some reason because of that. This track also made me go back to John's older Productions like Hustle Up & Blink. Those tracks... Wow!

6. Malente & Dex | Habibi
This track perfectly describes the vibe I used to play when I first started to DJ. I Loved & still Love this stuff. So much Rhythms and just such an amazing Feel Good Vibe! There were nothing better than standing under the Stars a Summer Night with a cigarette in your mouth blasting out tunes like these. Damn!

7. Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, Laidback Luke | Leave The World Behind (feat. Deborah Cox)
I remember just how many time me & Peter used to watch the WMC after Movies & the Music Video to this track. I was so inspired by them & just how big everything seemed. I remember saying one day I'm gonna play at Ultra, and that's the day I actually make it. Today I'm closer to that goal than I ever dreamt of!

8. Chords | Luckiest Man Alive
Back the Hip Hop vibes! This track made me and still makes me in such a good mood every time I hear it. There's something special in that Melody. I remember when I saw Chords play Live a while ago. I jumped like a little kid on Christmas when this tune started! During the same concert he played some tracks from his latest album, which brings me to the next track!

9. Chords | The Boxer
When I first heard this track from Chords latest album Looped State Of Mind I were just mind blown. I was just so impressed over the vibe the track gave me. In fact, the whole album is just a Masterpiece according to me. And the fact that it's Produced by the Rapper himself makes it even more better. It really opens your eyes to some of the Topics he Raps/Sings about, but in such a beautiful way. What I think have been stuck in my head the most is the Anti-Consumption line It's only 9,99 but it's really triple 6. Brilliance. I also don't think I've ever been more starstruck when a huge Artist have followed me on Twitter like I was when he did. Love it!

10. Crookers | Bust 'Em Up (feat. Savage Skulls)
I heard this track the first time when Style Of Eye played in my hometown. This blew my mind. Opened up a whole new world for me in the House Scene. Such a crazy track. All the tracks from the Dr. Gonzo album are crazy as fuck. Despite that I had that tune as an Alarm for like 6 months. Not the sweetest thing to wake up to but still. This track also influenced me to Produce in a different way than the usual 4/4 Kick. Baltimore Kick was the new shit.

+11. Vision | Turbo Love (Raymond Lam & Joey Massa 'Turtle Remutation' Mix)
This is a Remix me & my man Raymond Lam did a short while after that we heard the tracks from Crookers album Dr. Gonzo. We were so inspired by the Ghetto House vibe that we just went full on with that. That Remix was also more or less what made mine and Raymond's careers start for real. We basically murdered the Original track with our Remix. We also made the Break in 110 BPM, Moombahton!! That was pretty new when we did it, but it was & still is a brilliant Genre. What made that Remix kick off our careers were the huge support we got! It made us just work even harder. I remember that we had Style Of Eye to our Club Concept RIOT! in Malmö. When we dropped our Remix he just ran up to us and asked what track that was. Basically the same thing happened but with Tommy Trash when I played on a show with him. After that it just got spread around to some artists. The rest is History.

+12. Raymond Lam & Joey Massa | Blud Fiah
This is our baby! Not released yet. Mostly because we are still very picky with where it should be released. This is our Masterpiece basically. I don't think anything we've done so far can top that track. God damn, it's good!

+13. Raymond Lam | BLOW 
This track is the shit! But mostly it pushed me & my career to a new level. Mostly since me & Raymond started to Produce together. When he did that track & signed it to Crookers Label Ciao it motivated me to work just so fucking hard that I'm starting to go bald.

+14. Joey Massa | AGIB 
This was one of the first real tracks I made Solo. Some people usually just throw their first Productions, I decided to do something with it. Mostly because it's actually a great record. I've had it unreleased for a while, but now it's finally starting to happen stuff to it. It's gonna be released through Das Kapital's label Do Work Records. Stay tuned & be AGIB! (It means Weird in Arabic, FYI)

+15. TNGHT | Goooo
When I first heard this track on Diplo & Friends I went full retard. OMG! I started to make Trap so damn fast that it was the only thing I did for a period there. Now I know Trap, time to move on. Nothing else to say there!

+16. Kastle | Make You Stay (feat. JMSN)
This was a whole New Chapter for me. When I first heard Make You Stay on the Radio I Shazaamed it immediately. It also made me discover all the other songs Kastle have Produced. In the same period I discovered Flume as well. Today Kastle & Flume are two of my Absolute Favorite Producers. Such insane Skills that I'm honestly jealous. I always introduce their Music to people I meet. I just Love everything they do! I can listen to their stuff any time of the day no matter what I'm doing. I also try to find Inspiration through their Music to my own Productions!

+17. Major Lazer | Jet Blue Jet (feat. Leftside, GTA, Razz & Biggy) (Joey Massa Remix)
This track is in this list for pretty obvious reasons. This is such a HUGE step in to the right direction for my career. I just couldn't believe it when I got requested to Remix that track. It got even more surreal when Diplo told me just how much he loved the track. This remix have been getting so much crazy support & to be featured on BBC Radio 1 have been a dream for me that I'm just working my ass off in the Studio now to bring out more crazy tracks.