WARMER MIXTAPES #952 | by Helen Croome [Gossling]

1. Damien Rice | Volcano
Volcano was my Introduction to Damien Rice and his incredible Songwriting. There has not been another album since Rice's O that has sucked me in and inspired me so heavily. The combination of Rice and Lisa Hannigan's Vocals on this track are captivating. And the Cello line is such a beautifully written line.

2. Camille | Ta Douleur
I discovered Camille about 5 years ago and remember being struck by her Arrangement ideas and insane Beat Boxing talents. It didn't matter that it's all in French and I couldn't understand a word. Her Melodies and Instrumentation ideas hooked me in from the first listen. This is my favourite track from the album, but the entire record is definitely worth listening to.

3. Meat Loaf | Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Meat Loaf was an Artist introduced to me by my Dad when I was very young. His album Bat Out Of Hell was on constant Repeat in our house and although I didn't understand what all of the Lyrics meant at that age, I was still drawn to the Arrangements and Melodies of Mea Loaf's Songwriter Jim Steinman. In particular I Loved singing Paradise By The Dashboard Light with my brother, jumping around our Lounge Room.

4. James Vincent McMorrow | We Don't Eat
This song has such beautiful Imagery. I'm instantly in James Vincent McMorrow's hands as soon as he starts singing. His Voice is captivating and this song is it's Showpiece. He builds the track incredibly well. It builds Layer upon Layer so subtly that you don't even realise he's done it. And the Bridge is so well written and placed. By the time the Drums start building into the last Chorus I'm putty in this hands.

5. George | Special Ones
Katie Noonan's Voice is absolutely Captivating. I grew up listening to her Voice wishing I would one day have the Range and Vocal Clarity she has. The Bass Line on this track is so tastefully written and played that it brings each of the Sections together. And the Production ideas on this track are stunning. To me the stand out element of this song however is Noonan's Voice. It's what drew me back to listen to it over and over.

6. Silverchair | Emotion Sickness
I Love the combination of the Cinematic String Arrangement and Johns' Songwriting on this track. The String Arrangements are pounding, Dramatic and truly convey the Emotion of the Lyric. The first time I heard this song it blew my mind. It was the first time I'd heard an Orchestra combined with a Standard Rock Band Formation and I found it truly inspiring. Each Section of this song makes an impact.

7. The Black Keys | Gold On The Ceiling
One of my favourite tracks to listen to while walking down the street. No matter what mood I'm in, if I'm walking down the street with this track on, I've got a bounce in my step and the World is a wonderful place. The Black Keys are Riff/Hook specialists. It's amazing how many incredible Hooks they can fit into 4 minutes.

8. Joan As Police Woman | Forever And A Year
Such a powerful Lyric on this track. The Production and Arrangement are so supportive of her Melody and Lyric. The Arrangement is the perfect combination of being interesting in it's own right as well as allowing enough space for her Vocal and Lyric to be the shining light in the song. I can't not get Emotional listening to her Voice on this track.

9. Feist | The Bad In Each Other
The Opening track to such an incredible record. Feist has stunning Instrumental ideas that keep the track building and make this such a strong song. I can listen to this track and the whole record over and over and find something new on every listen. It's a piece of Pure Magical Mystery to me.

10. Hozier | Take Me To Church
Hozier was a recent discovery for me. I Love how this track takes you on a journey through it's Sections. The Chorus is strong on multiple levels. The Melody is instantly Memorable. I would highly suggest checking out the Film Clip that accompanies this song too. It's jaw-droppingly beautiful and speaks on a topic more people need to learn about and be exposed to.