WARMER MIXTAPES #964 | by Sean Harper [Kyogi]

1. Yuck | Get Away
Figured that I might as well surprise a few people and put down a few tunes by some of the bands I’m really feeling at the moment, like Yuck, for instance. I actually get inspired by Lo-Fi, Shoegaze-y Indie Music much more than the Soul and Funk that a lot of my contemporaries call an influence; it just clicks more with me Melodically, and the Lyrics are relatable in a lot of cases. Yuck’s Performance of this on Later… with Jools Holland is actually way better than the Recorded Version.

2. Polterghost | Ordinary
Another great band, bit Grungier this time. Polterghost are a three-piece band who’ve come out of the new DIY British Scene that’s bubbling under right now, pushed by labels like Art Is Hard and Hate Hate Hate.

3. James Blake | Life Round Here (feat. Chance The Rapper)
Don’t let me trick you into think I only ever listen to bands though. This is one of my favourite bits of Electronic Music of 2013. Genuinely. Probs in my Top 5.

4. Black Moth Super Rainbow | Sun Lips
I don’t even know what the hell you’d call this. Not that I need to call it anything, but if I had to try I’d say Massive Attack meets Kavinsky meets Squarepusher? Whatever it is, it really works, and it’s Hypnotic.

5. Squarepusher | Iambic 9 Poetry
One of those tunes where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry so you think you might do both, but know that that will only confuse you further and make you do more of both. You know those tunes? No? As a Drummer, this makes my ears prick up all the more. I would laugh and cry to this tune, it’s staggeringly beautiful.

6. More Fire Crew | What’s The Point? (feat. Dean Chohan)
Ooooooooh, Shit! UK Garage fire that as far as I can tell kind of got unfairly slept on. About time I included something for the dancefloor, whenever I hear this I can’t help but screw up my face and skank like a dick.

7. The White Lamp | It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)
House. Music.

8. Birdskulls | Rolling Tongue
Another band from the same sort of DIY Scene as Polterghost (other bands worth checking out include Joanna Gruesome, Best Friends, Baby Strange, Menace Beach and if you’re into harder stuff: Slaves, Eagulls and the amazing Drenge). I know it probably seems unlikely for me to be into all this stuff, but it was Grunge and Punk that made me want to be a Musician years ago, and lately I’ve found myself being really keen on that Sound again.

9. salute | Diamond Glares
Felix salute is the nicest guy in Music. He is also truly the best Producer I know. He’s got another project which I can’t say the name of, but that he’s been remarkably successful with as well, and just listen to this tune for an example of what he does as salute. Pure dancefloor insanity, an absolutely Flawless Production. I honestly feel privileged just to be able to say that I chat to him sometimes (that’ll be £10, please, man).

10. London Elektricity | Just One Second
I got into Electronic Music through Drum 'N' Bass. This was the tune that got me hooked on Drum 'N' Bass. Without this tune there wouldn’t be a Kyogi and so obviously Dance Music would have eaten itself by now, and I would have been laughing as the Skinny-Jean wearing, Grunge-listening Emo greaseball I almost became, were it not for this tune.