WARMER MIXTAPES #965 | by Marc Makarov and Vanessa Anne Redd of Rubicks and Six Years

SIDE A | by Vanessa Anne Redd

1. Beach House | Take Care
Hard to pick between this one and Used To Be, but woke up singing Take Care having dreamt it so it won. Victoria’s Voice’s gorgeous in her Nico-ness, and the dreamy Keyboard Sounds and perfect little Drum Machine beautifully Filmic. Turns out Victoria’s the niece of Michel Legrand, French Film Composer, so incredible Musical Heritage too. Love, Love, Love Beach House.

2. Holly Golightly | Virtually Happy
Here’s the wonderful, inspiring world of Holly Golightly! I hung out at Toerag Studios a few years back and was lucky enough to be on Holly’s session for this. I played some bits and pieces on the record and was her Backing Singer/Percussion lady on Tour. Dead-pan Lyrics, cool Rocking Guitar, her sense of Humour and the way she recorded that whole album in a day makes her a big inspiration and this song - def one of the Good Things in Life. Thanks, Holly.

3. Suicide | Ghost Rider
If only I’d been there; NY 1977. This record was the Start of Everything, makes you think you can do anything, easy, Pure Punk Rock. The Martin-Shades-Rev Distorted Keys, Hypnotising Riff, Trebly Drum Machine, Alan’s Delayed Don’t Give a Fuck Rhythmic Drawl make it the Only 3 Notes I’ll Ever Need. Have seen them playing with Jesus And Mary Chain and supporting Iggy last year and Alan Vega just wandered off round the back of the Drum Riser, sat down, had a little drink and a smoke on stage then came back 'round. Cool Motherfucker.

4. Joni Mitchell | All I Want
One Summer I went to Portugal on the trail of an Unrequited Love and hitched back through Europe getting lifts from trucks back up to Madrid then to Paris then back to London. I’d find myself on lonely stretches of Industrial Road on the edges of the City and had Joni Mitchell’s Blue album playing. I‘d be lonesome-walking singing along to All I Want, the Lyrics especially poignant at the time I am on a lonely road and I am travelling, looking for the key to set me free. There’s something good and Drony about the Lap Dulcimer she’s playing and it goes perfectly with her amazing High Notes. Felt like I was in a Film, seeing low slung warehouses, Gas cylinders and wide Industrial slip-roads of Madrid’s Industrial landscape appear in front of my Sound-Tracked View.

5. The Velvet Underground | Pale Blue Eyes
This track was on the first Mix Tape I was ever given by a boy who also gave me my first Guitar. Spellbound by Lou for life. It’s so simple and mesmerising in it’s beauty with that close Vocal, held Hammond and repetitive Tambourine. The boy didn’t last, but his good taste in Music endured. Jesus And Mary Chain's Just Like Honey was on that Mix too.

6. The Mammas & The Pappas | Dream A Little Dream Of Me
I could sing-a-long with Mamma Cass all day, those gorgeous oo’s and ah’s bv’s sounding like Violins, Wonky Honky Tonk Blues Piano and lulling Arrangement. This was for years on repeat on my Record Player. There’s something about it too that reminds me of 50’s Film Soundtrack songs like South Pacific. Another head-sway tune to brighten my mood.

7. Pavement | Cut Your Hair
Best Song Written About Being An A Band Ever. Love his Lyrics, I really don’t care... How he sings Car-ee-err like Korea makes you want to shout along with him, sing-along ooo’s at the beginning and that Noisy Solo at the end that would be my first Guitar Solo inspiration. Saw them Live and Stephen Malkmus seems pretty tall how he throws his Guitar 'round the stage like a matchstick, rolling on the floor, ordaining you with his Seattle God-like properties. Get yer checked shirt on. He’s a dude.

8. Frankie Knuckles Presents Jamie Principle | Your Love
What can I say, as soon as the Bass Line starts my hands are on strings. Can’t go wrong here. Analogue Synths, Classic Drum Machines. Rave Forever.

9. Mazzy Star | Fade Into You
Hope Sandoval’s Los Angeles Honey-drip lazy drawl wafting over the Slide Guitar makes me think of lemon lozenges and lens flare. Live she’s super shy, doesn’t say anything between songs and plays a mean Rocking Marimba. A Soundtrack to Love’s Melancholia doesn’t get much more beautiful than this. Get me what she’s having.

10. Carole King | So Far Away
Used to listen to this at my best friend’s house who had this record when we were kids. We’d dance 'round her parent’s Living Room spreading our arms open in Enthusiastic Drama and Singing Along Together Loudly. One of the Great Female Singer Songwriters. It’s been a constant Soundtrack to many, a thoughtful Teenage-Bedroom moment. The same friend had the Carpenters' Top Of The World and I've got memories of being high in the mountains with her, singing that and So Far Away while walking on the edges of an upland rice paddy field with muddy wet flip flopped feet.

+11. Johnny Cash | Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)
Had to include this, I Love the way the song builds, that single repeated Piano Note and Johnny Cash’s ability to make you cry every time without fail when you listen to it. He sung this one not long after his wife June died I think. A Total Tear-Jerker. For all those we’ve Loved and Lost. Johnny Cash, Amen.

SIDE B | by Marc Makarov

1. David Bowie | Five Years 
I was introduced to David Bowie by my older brother at the age of 8. I still listen to 70’s Bowie now, who knows how many times. The songs starts so simply with great Drum Beat, evolves into manic and powerful chantThat’s all we got... Then ends with the beginning simple Drum Beat.

2. Suicide | Dream Baby Dream
I saw them perform at Royal Festival Hall supporting Jesus And Mary Chain, they either hit each other or hit a Keyboard along to a Backing Track. A Raw, Smooth Lullaby. Without Dreams what have we got?

3. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood | Sand
Probably first heard this in a Film, not sure. Beautiful story of a Lonesome Travelling Man in Desert meeting the Stars, Fire and a Seductive Woman. It’s Atmospheric.

4. Iggy Pop | Nightclubbing
I first heard of Iggy through Bowie at the age of 8. I can't really remember a time not singing along to The Idiot album this track's from. Echoed Drum Machine Sound captures the mood. Iggy harps back to the Sinatra days with a Vocal Performance and off the cuff Lyrics only Iggy can do.

5. Leonard Cohen | Bird On The Wire 
Cohen was on repeat on my Stereo for 6 months when I was suffering from Insomnia (living in a Rehearsal Studio under a railway arch didn’t help). The Production of this song is one of a kind. A full Orchestra and Band Playing, but it is so far in the background that it creates a huge space. This song reminds me how important Space is.

6. Liquid Liquid | Optimo
99 Records were a great Label, home to ESG and Liquid Liquid. I hear this Sound influenced in LCD Soundsystem. All these bands sound like New York dancing out of the speakers. Best Percussion.

7. The Velvet Underground | Venus In Furs
I saw VU on Andy Warhol's Films - I was intrigued by the Andy Warhol and The Chelsea Hotel stories. Lou Reed’s ability for Impromptu Lyrics and Melodies makes me think of rolling Imagery. It also feels Timeless, the recording captures the energy of the moment.

8. Louis Armstrong | We Have All The Time In The World (On Her Majesty's Secret Service Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
My granddad played Banjo in a band and sang Louis Armstrong songs and my uncle, Johnny Richardson, is a Jazz Drummer who supported Louis on Tour in the UK in Terry Lightfoot’s band. I heard he was a true gent of a man and these Lyrics are a most beautiful concept for Life. If all goes wrong, there’s always this song, everything is put into perspective.

9. Aphex Twin | Nannou
I used to hang out with Rich when he was living in London and I was privileged to hear him Jam and Create Music in his Converted Bank in Elephant and Castle. It is true, what others have said, that his best works has never been recorded.

10. Beach House | Myth
One of my favorite bands of the moment. I heard them through friends and I look forward to seeing them Live soon.

+11. Whitey | Leave Them All Behind
I originally heard of Whitey through a Modular DJ’s Compilation album we both had songs on. The shinny Synth Sounds and driving Drum Machine switched me on to his songs. Robert Harder, Whitey’s Writing and Producing Partner, is a good friend and has Produced not only the band Vanessa and I have been in for years, Rubicks, with albums Idiot Time and Rise Of The Giddy, but some great albums, including Experiment On A Bird In The Air Pump and, of course, Whitey’s.