WARMER MIXTAPES #966 | by Erlend Sellevold [Ralph Myerz] of Ralph Myerz And The Jack Herren Band

1. Minnie Riperton | Lovin' You
I got the Best Of Minnie Riperton LP on the wall in my Living Room. I get happy just by looking at the Cover. She got so many good tracks, she was a beyond amazing Singer, not to diss anyone, but I rarely hear that kind of Quality going on in Modern Music... Anyways, I Love this song the most because of the good memories attached to this...

2. Global Communication | 14 31
The Global Communication album 76:14 is just a beyond Crazy album. I remember I got this from something called the Scandinavian Music Club (SMC!) back in the days when I couldn't really afford CDs. This Music Club thing had this thing where you could get 4 CDs if you paid for one and then got sent a CD every month randomly from the genre you chosed... In my case I got Global Communication & Eat Static's kinda crazy Implant (Loved the Ambient parts on there...) & FSOL's Lifeforms as that counted as 2 CDs... And then I, of course, cancelled the monthly thing... I ended up with 3 albums that would change my Musical Output Forever. Especially 76:14 has been such an influence, with Lifeforms as very close contender. Funny how these things happen... I was only 16 at the time when these albums came out, and Wow!... Listening to Cascade at the small farm on the countryside of Norway, where I grew up, in headphones change a lot of things.

3. Evelyn "Champagne" King | Love Come Down
I just think she sings so SuperSuperSuper nice over SuperSuperSuper nice Drums & Synths.

4. Plaid | Ralome
This Supadupa guy I used to share Studio with also had this Vinyl Import thing going on. And he was just so good at picking good Music from early Stones Throw to stuff from Ninja Tune & Warp. He introduced me to this track the second he got it, calling me to come asap to the Studio to listen to this. I did, and had a good time! Great track from a great album. Those days with listening thru a whole Vinyl album and the Excitement of Listening to Tracks like this was Superhappy & Care Free Days.

5. Ralph Myerz | A Dream U Can Feel (feat. Da YoungFellaz & K-Quick)
I'm sorry that I'm mentioning one of my own tracks here, but it really has nothing to do with me, because this is Da YoungFellaz & K-Quick's moment. This track was around for a long time in different versions thru many years... And somehow Da YoungFellaz & KQuick heard it, and delivered some of the best Lyrics & Melodies I've encountered! Also this track was the Inspirational Track & kind of a Motivation for the SSP album for everybody who worked on it. Quite hard to explain, but without this, no SSP. It's really special for us who worked on the project, and I hope it might be special for someone else too.

6. Kokane | My Day Is Coming
I've been so lucky that I've had the chance to work with Kokane on several occasions. But this track from his excellent Funk Upon A Rhyme album really changed a lot of things for me. It was like a crazy version of George Clinton on some heavy West Coast Hip Hop. And the Lyrics really stuck too. On my Ralphorama! album there's a track called Sometimes that is heavily inspired by him. Very, very nice guy that has done so much great stuff with Snoop & Above The Law. True Legend with a Very Special Style. I first heard this track on a Norwegian Radio Program called National Rap Show. I recorded on tape after requesting it by a land phone. These were the days way before Internet.

7. Todd Rundgren | Hello It's Me
When I released my first album - A Special Album - I released it on Emperor Norton. Emperor Norton was the Best Label Ever. Ladytron, Felix The Housecat & a great staff made for great moments & Inspiration. They also released the Lost In Translation Soundtrack, but before that they released the Virgin Suicides Soundtrack which had 2 different versions - a really good one with Air and another really, really good one with all the old songs from the Movie. It's a great Movie with some very, very nice scenes where the Music fits just perfectly. One of the tracks on this Soundtrack is this. When I saw the Movie it just really got to me, that track is just so beautiful in so many ways. I've always Loved his album where this is from, but I have no idea what happened and I have not seen the Movie since but!... This is where this song really snuck up on me. The World's Best President of a Label Ever, Steve Pross, now has a new Company/Label called Disco Pinata where I'm helping out with the A&R part.

8. Erot | Haribo
I could have picked just about any track from his releases, it's all equally good. But this is the one that I have special memories from. Erot was the guy who designed my first 7". I also played records with him a few times, which was a huge source of Learning & Inspiration for me. He knew almost everything about everyone when it came to Disco and he was a super good DJ. I can't really remember that he used to drink, I think he didn't, and I did... So... When I sometimes had a few too many drinks and were playing some crazy Danny Tenaglia that was kinda borderline too much or something like that he would tell me... Also remember we had a small argument over a Pepe Bradock 12" on which Mix to play... And I wanted to play the Tommy Musto Mix and he wanted to play the Original. In retrospect I now realise he was right and the Original is so much better. So, he just taught me a lot about Music and also picked the tracks for my first releases. I also gave him the latest version of FastTracker 2 which was the preferred DAW! at the time... Erot is a Legend that Died Way Too Young, you all really need to check out all his Music. It's Timeless, amazing stuff.

Steve Kuhn | The Meaning Of Love
This track is just Beyond Crazy Nice. The Vocals, the Music, the Production is just so Beyond Beautiful. Those Strings are just so very, very nice. I really like to play Steve Kuhn at least an album a week. The album this is from also contains the track Time To Go which is equally good. Steve Kuhn & Monica Zetterlund are Beyond Inspirational.

The KLF | Madrugada Eterna
When I was 14 years old my father gave me Massive Attack - Blue Lines (Vinyl), De La Soul - 3 Feet High & Rising (Cassette) & KLF's Chill Out (Vinyl)... He gave this to me on a holiday to Copenhagen. And these where bought to me in a Record Store called Pladebiksen in K√łge. I still remember that holiday as it was yesterday. The basement with the Vinyl, I remember Bass-O-Matic seemed intriguing, I need to check them out again, but these were the records I got there.  KLF was such a mysterious outfit, that instantly got to me. And this album was such an amazing thing for me. I listened to it on my Stereo, that I got from my uncle, every evening for a long time. I only had a Record Player & a Walkman for quite a few years into the CD age... So this Stereo I got from my uncle was from the 70's with all these wooden panels - great Sound - listening to this Trio of albums on that Stereo made an incredible Impact on me.